Das Original befindet sich hier: www. Kapitel 1 Freitag, Da bist du ja! Sie verengte ihre haselnussbraunen Augen. Die gesamte wirtschaftliche Flaute machte es schwer, einen neuen Job zu finden.

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I never wore heels but they were a required part of the uniform. There you are! She narrowed her hazel eyes at me. I shook my head and tried to come off more confident. Whatever, you need, Rosalie. It was more like my needed profession, needed if I was going to have money to live somewhere and occasionally eat. I was an English teacher by trade, but due to recent cutbacks and the fact that I was on the bottom of the totem pole, I was let go at the end of the school year.

The entire economic downturn was making it hard to find a job anywhere. Lucky for me, my roommate, Jasper, talked his sister, Rosalie, into giving me a job at the restaurant she managed in the heart of downtown Seattle. I had never worked at a restaurant before, but I was good at cooking dinner for my dad when I was in high school. Things at Eclipse were a little bit more complicated than that, unfortunately.

My week-long training session was a huge eye opener. I needed to have the menu memorized, as well as have general knowledge of the wine list. I needed to know what wine went with what menu item and be able to describe how each dish was prepared. It was completely mind-boggling. Then there were the rules of serving.

I had no idea there were rules about what side you should serve a person from or about allowing someone to taste the wine before they were poured an entire glass. I felt extremely out of my league but was determined to be a fast learner. It was the overachiever in me. I did not like failing at anything. Eclipse was also not the kind of restaurant I would ever eat at for two reasons. Two, they served things I had never even heard of, things like foie gras and something called ricotta and corn agnolotti in summer truffle consumm.

I was more the veggie burger and fries kind of girl. Lately, store brand mac-n-cheese was keeping me alive. The people who frequented Eclipse were wealthy, very wealthy. Sometimes it was some big name athlete or some swanky politician. Powerful business people in fancy suits filled the restaurant daily. Masen reserves the upstairs dining room every Friday at noon," Rosalie explained as she led me to the stairs leading to the private dining room.

For some reason, she thinks I am not the eyes and the ears of this place! For some reason, she thought she could screw me over last minute! Well, her little fake sick call just cost her this job. Do I need to remind you, Bella? Message received loud and clear do not mess with Rosalie Hale. Rosalie was so different from her brother. Rosalie was a high strung Type A personality. It was the kind of personality needed to run a restaurant, I supposed. Jasper, on the other hand, was one of the most easy-going people I had ever met.

We met in college and had been friends for a couple years. Jasper had saved me from the shame of having to move back home to live with my dad. For this, I would be eternally grateful. He and I were great friends completely platonic, of course. I started up the stairs to the private dining area and tripped on the first step, landing painfully on my left knee.

You should be able to handle a table of two. I would send Emmett in there but Mr. Masen prefers female servers, and you are all I have unfortunately.

That would be my mantra. The wait staff at Eclipse was mostly male, which surprised me at first. Then I added up my first day tips. The clientele did tip extraordinarily well. Men could support their families working as servers at Eclipse. I really had no idea what Jasper was getting me into when he offered to help me out.

This was not Forks Diner. I opened the door and found two men sitting at the long rectangular table. They were both dressed in expensive-looking suits, and one was noticeably older than the other. The older man had short, thinning grey hair and a closely cropped beard. He was a good looking older gentleman, but it was his younger counterpart who took my breath away.

The man had a wild mess of bronze hair on his head. There were strands of reddish-brown hair sticking up in all different directions that somehow looked purposeful. Then there was the jaw porn. Oh my, did the man have a jawline that made me want to touch it, preferably with my tongue. The two men were engaged in a serious conversation and paid no attention to me.

I stood patiently to the side, waiting for them to acknowledge me, so I could welcome them and explain our specials for the day. I know. He turned his head just enough to catch sight of me.

He was talking to me. Right, Isabella? Masen looked up at me with a reassuring smile. His assistant could really take some lessons on how to treat people who handle his food. I handed them a menu and began explaining our daily specials. I did not have our significantly long wine list memorized, but I knew that was one of the most expensive kinds of wine we offered.

Masen was busy looking at the menu. I picked up the other, unused menu that sat beside Mr. Hot-headed Assistant because it was obviously too much work to hand it to me. His green eyes were alight with a fierceness I was not accustomed to seeing.

He threw his hands up. Masen said with great concern. Part of me wanted to congratulate him on obviously graduating at the top of his class from asshole school, but I mustered up enough restraint to stay quiet. The only gentleman at the table turned to me with another kind smile. Masen ordered is fine with me. Hot-headed Assistant was actually Mr. Masen was not Mr. Masen at all but Mr. Alec the Not Hot-headed Assistant. Masen roared. Can we make it a quarter? I shook my head and exited the room as quickly as my feet would move me.

I zipped down the steps and managed to slip just before reaching the bottom. My butt hit the second to last step with a painful thud.

I jumped up and winced as I made my way to get their bottle of wine and place their food order. Emmett noticed my fall and followed me. Jessica says Masen can be a real ass sometimes. Can you imagine? That kind of money just did not compute. Well, that explains his choice of wine. It also explains why he looked like he wanted me dead when I mistook his assistant for him. Just great. I questioned a multibillionaire about a bottle of wine that cost a fraction of what he probably makes in an hour.

Emmett laughed at me again. He reserves that room every Friday at noon.


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