Mirr Mrg marked it as to-read Feb 09, Publius rated it it was amazing Aug 15, Alvin marked it as to-read Feb 16, This book was the first material I got, I read it cover to cover, twice, before acting on anything. Honestly I think its a fraud and its garbage. Higher education Society kayguide reviews. Sally rated it did not like it Dec 31, Michael Harston is currently reading it Sep 21, If you answered false to all three questions, you just might be a PUA pickup artist. Talking to the prettier of two girls is a good idea.

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Version 3. That is until an innocent phone call from my book editor, who had stumbled across a document on the Internet called the LayGuide. Compressed into sizzling pages was the collected wisdom of dozens of pickup artists who have been exchanging their knowledge in newsgroups for nearly a decade, secretly working to turn the art of seduction into an exact science.

The moment I started reading, my life changed. LayGuide is still the most thourough and continually updated collection of the best dating, attraction and seduction tips, strategies and techniques in the world!

Your address will NOT be used for spam! Or click here to read all the LayGuide solutions at once! Do you want to be able to date more attractive women or younger girls? Do you want to be able to successfully approach stunning girls everywhere? Have you ever just wanted to have sex with a hot woman, no courting, no dating and no waiting?

Have you ever been embarrassed about needing to ask for help in the area of dating and women? Do you sometimes feel like you have no idea whether a woman likes you or not? Do you feel envious about some of your friends or even strangers , who seem to have all the luck with women, while you have little or none?

Have you ever felt remorse about some of your more expensive dates, that ultimately got absolutely nowhere? Do you sometimes become self-conscious, nervous and stuttering around attractive women? Have you ever tried to hide your drives and desires from a woman in fear of ridicule?

Have you ever felt like you have to know everything aboud dating and women before even approaching an attractive woman? Do you sometimes feel like women have all the power and choice and you have none?

Do you sometimes doubt yourself and wonder, why a really attractive woman would ever be interested in you instead of some famous actor, athlete, male model or businessman?

Or are you a successful ladies man looking to improve your techniques and approaches even further? Read here how LayGuide will address each of these questions! Subscribe here - and all your problems will finally be solved! Still not convinced? Everything changed when I found LayGuide. Click on the blue links to read sample chapters Before you begin: Introduction - forget money, forget fame, just cut to the chase and get the girls!


Sad sack artists

Neil Strauss, a balding, bespectacled journalist for Rolling Stone magazine, discovers an online community devoted to teaching men how to seduce women. He reads a copy of the legendary online text The Layguide, now published as a book, and is hooked. An illusionist called Mystery charges hundreds of dollars for seminars on the subject, and Strauss, after flirting with other teachers, becomes his faithful acolyte. He shaves his head, gets laser eye surgery, and grows a witty goatee. The two men travel the world and sleep with many women. They set up house with other devotees in a Los Angeles mansion they christen "Project Hollywood". Eventually the utopia dissolves in scenes of jealous rage and backstabbing, but Strauss has a happy ending, singing of the joys of monogamy with his new girlfriend, a rock guitarist called Lisa.






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