I must admit that I anticipated a swashbuckling adventure like those old Errol Flynn movies, but its storyline definitely leaned more towards Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Not a bad thing because thats one of my all-time favourite movies! Captain Gideon Horn, the notorious Pirate Lord, and his crew of not-such-cutthroat pirates, are keen to settle down to a life of domestic bliss on an island paradise. All they need now are wives! Kidnapping a ship load of convict women headed for Australia seems to present the perfect solution.

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I look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy. His men are tired of wandering the high seas and ready to settle down with wives on an uncharted island paradise. Surely, these New South Wales-bound women will be grateful for an alternative to the life of drudgery awaiting them at the end of their journey.

To pirates? First she demands proper courting—at least a month. The darkly handsome pirate lord grants a week. Then Sara insists the men vacate their huts for the women—and Gideon demands kisses in return. Romantic Times gave it a K. Jeffries has a wonderful way of making both characters blossom right before your eyes. This was the cabin of a licentious murderer.

And there would be no mercy for them, none at all. Kent murmured before leaving. She scarcely heard him. She was too busy scanning her surroundings.

Every piece of furniture was made of the best mahogany, from the desk cluttered with instruments and papers to the cabinet that held guns and knives of every description behind its cut crystal doors. The royal blue curtains were shot through with gold threads, and a Persian carpet lay on the floor, an obvious extravagance where water was a constant threat.

A coverlet of insolent red silk was draped over the plush mattress, with a heap of jet-black pillows at one end. She walked to the bed in a trance, wondering aloud what debaucheries and horrors had been committed there.

Involuntarily, she reached out to touch the patterned scarlet silk as a sudden vivid image of the dark-haired pirate captain rose up in her mind. He must have had many women on this bed. She whirled away from the bed, her cheeks glowing crimson to hear him quote her earlier words. Good heavens, it was him, the pirate captain himself. How utterly mortifying! Now she had something new to add to her list of humiliating experiences.

He closed the door, a smile playing over his lips. Then he strode to his desk and cast her a brazen look. Perhaps she should tell him the truth about her own dubious connections. That might make him more inclined to listen to her pleas. His stepsister. Never had a man looked at her with such concentration. It was unsettling, to say the least. She dropped her eyes from his, searching for something to say that would shift that intensity away from her.

No doubt her revelation had made him assume that Jordan was no longer a threat to him. A smile spread across his handsome face. She glanced around the cabin at the gold fittings and extravagant comforts. But retiring? Pirates retiring? Settling back in his chair, he laced his fingers together over his stomach and surveyed her with his disconcerting gaze.

It seemed to touch her mouth, her cheeks, even her well-covered bosom. If another man had looked at her like that, she would have been appalled. So why did her pulse quicken when he did it? We have no women. And a colony without women. Even the…er…ladybirds find that a less than tempting proposition. A blush rose to her cheeks despite her attempts to stop it. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat. They have reasons to stay on Santiago.

But the situation is entirely different for the women of the Chastity. We have perfect weather, easy living, plenty of food, and no government but our own. Or it will be when your ladies join us. New South Wales might have proven unsavory in the long run, but at least the women would have had some choice there. Though the inhabitants of the country might have regarded the convict women as prostitutes, there would always have been opportunities for the women to work hard and attain respectability.

Some transported convicts even managed to make their way back to England and their families, though only a very few. He lowered his voice to a harsh murmur. I offer them freedom and you offer them that. Whether or not to go with you to your island? I mean, to choose their husbands. After that, however, they must accept the proposal of the man they most prefer. It was better than his earlier heartless offer, but certainly not as good as giving the women a choice between returning to the Chastity or going with the pirates.

A tiny part of her knew that he might be right about their future in New South Wales. If only she could be sure that his men truly did intend to retire. If only she had some inkling of their characters. She sighed. They were pirates. What more was there to know? Still, he was offering something the women might not have gotten in New South Wales—the chance to choose the one who would enslave them.

She sought some way to make the choice easier. Take it or leave it. Either way, your women will take husbands. The men will grumble. She shrugged. That includes you. You have one week to choose a husband from among my men. Experienced masters of ceremonies would most likely plan these figures ahead of time, so they all led naturally into each other and fit the tempo and length of the piece of music. Complicated, huh! As I researched dances for Grey to teach Beatrice, I had trouble finding one with set figures for a specific piece of music.

Plus, it looked sexier than a lot of the others.


The Pirate Lord

Which works fine. Instead, he opens Manton Investigations, specializing in finding missing persons, and employs his illegitimate half-sister, Lisette Bonnaud. Their rich maternal grandmother has been supporting Oliver the Marquess of Stoneville , Jarret, Minerva, Gabriel, and Celia, but now she has issued an ultimatum—marry or be cut off. And not just one of them, but all of them.





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