Sorry, your browser does not support HTML5 audio. When he meditated upon Sri Subramanya, he became aware of a self luminous light shining in his heart and words came out his mouth in extempore in bhujanga metre. Though He is elephant-faced, He is honoured even by his five-faced father Shiva sadyojaatam, vaamadevam, aghoram, tatpurusham and iishaanam. Lord Brahma, Indra and the other Devas seek him to fulfil their aspirations. He is known as Ganesha and He is endowed with boundless glory.

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Shri Subrahmanya Bhujangam When he meditated upon shrI subrahmaNya, he became aware of the self luminous light shining in his heart and words came out his mouth in extempore in bhujanga metre.

It is also said that AchArya then actually saw the AdisheSha worshipping the Lord and adopted the bhujanga metre. Major portion of the translation provided here is adopted from, Iyer, Ganesa M.

Though he is elephant--faced, he is honored even by his five--faced father Shiva sadyaojAtam, vAmadevam, aghoram, tatpuruSham and IshAnam. Lord Brahma, Indra and the other Devas seek him to fulfil their aspirations.

He is known as Ganesha and he is endowed with boundless glory. May he bless me with wealth! But in my heart, shines a effulgent light with luminous six faces, and because of that from my mouth, amazing phrases with musical tone and meanings pour out in extempore. This shloka brings out the humility of the AchArya, who is considered as the greatest jnani, poet, and yogi who walked on the face of this earth.

Meditating on the verse will bring wisdom to the aspirant. O Son of Mahadeva! Seated on the peacock chariot, being the essence of the great mahA vAkyAs, having wonderfully attractive body, dwelling in the heart of great sages, O the quintessence of four vedas! Thou are indeed the Lord of the Universe. O Lord Guha one who resides in the cave of the heart! I meditate on you always! Thou stands on the top of the Sugandha hill, proclaiming that whenever the devotees climb this hill it will give the same benefit as climbing the king of mountains Kailas!

May the six-faced lord on the Sugandha hills remain there to bless me! Thou resides there to destroy the worries of the devotees! O self-luminous Lord who is present in the cave of the heart! I adore Thee! Thou art the answer to every desire of the heart and Thou fulfils the righteous desires of Thy devotees!

Thou art the lord of devas and son of the lord of the universe! O KartikeyA I meditate on Thee! And such a chest I adore. Thy arms punished Brahma, Thy arms governs the world as Thy play, Thy arms killed Soorapadma and other demons who are enemies of Indra, Thy arms are matchless in protecting the Universe, and Thy arms are a terror to Thine enemies. I worship Thy twelve arms which does all these things effortlessly. If there be six full moons free from blemishes and if those moons be ever shining on all sides, even then they would be no match to your effulgent faces.

Son of Parameshwara, I see Thy six lotus smiling faces shining like a group of swans, having gleaming side glance ever moving like a row of bees and with red lips overflowing with nectar. Son of Parameshwara! Merciful Lord! When Thou hast twelve broad long eyes extending upto ears, what will Thou loose by casting that side glance for a moment [on me]?

Lord of the Universe! Son of Lord Parameshwara who destroyed Tripura! With garlands of brilliant rubies on Thy shoulders and chest, with bright cheeks shining when pendants dangling from Thy ears, wearing silk garment around Thy waist, and with vel in Thy hand, Oh! Lord appear before me It is said that Lord appeared before AchArya when he sung this stotra! I meditate on such a Lord Kumara.

Oh Son of Lord of the Universe! One shines in the cave of the heart as GuhA! Oh skanda! Oh Lord of the Devas Army! Oh Wielder of the weapon Vel spear which is the svarUpa of Parashakti! One who rides on the peacock chariot! Destroyer of the sins of your devotees!

Enemy of the TarAkasura! Oh Lord protect me! It is said that one who recites these nine will over come the passions. During the last moments of my life, when I will have lost control of senses, when I will have lost consciousness, when I will be unable move my limbs, when I will be emitting foam of phlegm, when my body will be trembling with fear of death, when I will have none to protect me, Thou must hasten to give me Darshan then.

Lord Thou must hasten to appear before me, riding on Peacock, carrying Shaktivel, to encourage me not to be afraid. I am prostating to Thy feet often to secure Thy blessings. Oh treasure house of mercy! I offer prayers to please Thee. Thou should not be indifferent towards me during my last moments. At that time I may not have the control and energy to pray to Thee! Thous hast slain the demon Soora who ruled the thousand universes! So were the demons TArakasura and Simhavaktra.

But Lord, why have you not killed the demon called mental worry which haunts my mind? When it is afflicting me, what will I do? I am always troubled by the mental worries. Thou art the friend of helpless! I approach none but you for saving me. Quickly destroy my mental worries as they interfere with my devotion towards Thee! Severe epilepsy, leprosy, consumption, lung diseases, venreal diseases, fevers, mental diseases of all types, they run away the moment they Thy vibhuti.

Always let my ears hear only the praises of Lord Skanda! Always let my mouth sing the praise of Lord Skanda! Always let my hands be of service to the Lord! Always let my body be a servant to the Lord! Let my limbs, thoughts and actions be devoted to Skanda! But for the lowly and ordinary devotees, I know not of any other Deity to protect them except Guha!

Let my wife, children, relatives, friends, other men and women in our household, venerate Thee! Destroyer of Krauncha Shaila! Let every thing that trouble my body, birds, beasts, insects, severe diseases, be pierced by Thy powerful weapon Vel and taken far away and destroyed. Chief of the army of Devas! I am a small child. Thou art the Father of the Universe. Oh MaheshA! Forgive all my faults. I bow to Thee again and again! Let all my prostrations reach Thee! O Embodiment boundless effulgent light, reveal Thyself!

O Lord! O Embodiment of bliss, reveal Thyself! O Lord, Thou art the ocean of bliss, reveal Thyself! O Lord who is the friend of all creatures, reveal Thyself!

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