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Left and Right Soft Keys — The left and right soft keys correspond to functions displayed at the bottom left and right of your SkyCaddie display. Press the ap- propriate soft-key to select the desired function displayed.

To unlock the keypad, Mark — The Mark Ball feature is used to determine shot distance. Press the Mark button again when you get to the location where your ball landed. The shot distance will be displayed. For more information about the Mark Ball feature, see Section 3.

TIP: Pressing the same button again will return you to the previous screen. Battery Level — Quickly confirm remaining battery level with the onscreen battery gauge. Satellite Signal Level — Easily verify satellite signal strength with the onscreen signal bars. This is the preferred signal level for optimal performance.

Hole Number — Displays the current hole number in play. Insert the supplied rechargeable battery into the back of the SkyCaddie Fig. When con- nected properly, the cable will point down Fig. Insert the AC adapter connector into the open cable port located in the middle Fig. If the SkyCaddie is powered on while charging, the backlight will automatically illuminate and the battery gauge will indicate charging.

When fully charged, the backlight will turn off. The battery will charge, even with the SkyCaddie turned off. A full battery charge may take 4 hours. Once inserted, reattached the cover and tighten the screw. Benefits of member- ship are listed in Section 1. Simply follow the instructions on your PC screen. Your courses are managed and stored on our servers as Playlists, so you do not have to maintain files on your PC. Thousands of published SkyCourses are Page 15 DirectConnect. Once you have established an online ac- count and selected a Membership Plan, you will have access to our rapidly growing database of professionally mapped courses.

You may search the course database at www. To display a list of courses in your area, simply enter your search criteria such as Region, State or Course Name. Select the desired course s and send them to your SkyCaddie. In order to download courses, your SkyCaddie must be connected to your PC using the supplied cable.

Use the left soft key to navigate the initial start up screens until the satellite searching screen is displayed as shown in Figure 8. You must power up the SkyCaddie minutes prior to play to acquire GPS satellite signals and reach optimal performance. While searching for satellite signals, the Sky- Caddie displays animated graphics indicating when satellite signals are received.

Once the appropriate GPS fix is acquired, the SkyCaddie will automatically advance to the next screen. You may manually advance to the When a course is displayed, press Select to play that course or simply scroll to another course courses will be sorted by distance from your current location. If only one course is loaded, the SkyCaddie will ask if you want to play that course. Once a course has been selected, the SkyCaddie will ask you for the hole to start on or the Driving Range D.

Make the appropriate selection to begin. Choose the target views that best fit your style of play. The next few sections detail the the various views and their function: 2. In IntelliGreen view, the green will have an arrow drawn through it representing a direct line-of-play from where you are on the course. The view of the IntelliGreen will rotate on the screen to show the green from the direction of your approach i. The three numbers along the left side of the display are distances to the front, a point on the green represented by a crosshair , and back of the green along the line drawn.

To switch between Page 20 Fig. The SkyCaddie will display four target view options Fig. Select the desired target views to display a checkmark will appear next to each selected target view. You may move Fig. The information provided with the Standard View instantly gives you the knowledge that only a caddie can provide to negotiate a hole Fig.

For a complete listing of target names and the corresponding target descrip- tor, please see Appendix A. Page 22 Fig. The Center Only View will override any previously enabled target views. Within Prefer- ences, select Distance Fig.

Using the joystick, scroll to the desired distance option and select. A checkmark will be placed next to the item you have chosen. To enable, press the


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