This yajna was led by Saunaka Muni in Naimisaranya. There are five set of chapters, stories or kathas which bring out the glory of the benevolent Lord Satya Narayan. In each of these stories, we get to learn that the characters suffered as they did not keep their promise to perform the puja once their wishes were fulfilled. As Lord Satya Narayan is an embodiment of truth, one needs to keep the promise given to the Lord and perform the puja to hail the great Lord SatyaNarayan once the desires or wishes get fulfilled by his grace. So, one should never ignore the grace of Lord Satya Narayan.

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Symbolism of Satyanarayan Puja Lord Satyanarayan is depicted as the being of truth. The true worship of Satyanarayan involves practice of truth and commitment to truth in all aspects of life. It is a promise to god to live life truthfully and honestly because that leads to liberation. Truth should be practiced spiritually and physically through rituals. The Satyanarayan puja is an embodiment of this- to be true to yourself and live truthfully.

Being false leads to darkness, ignorance and suffering. Being truthful leads to light, wisdom and eventually liberation. Hence, Satyanarayan puja is not about a ritual to remove problems. It is about practicing the truth as it is a purifier and leads to happiness and peace. Satyanarayan Katha The Satyanarayan katha has a total of five parts.

Here is a short summary of all the chapters in the katha — Chapter 1 One Naradi, while traveling all over the world came to Bhuloka. So he immediately went to Lord Narayana to find the solution for freeing the people from their problems.

He told him the problem and asked him a way to relieve the miseries of mankind. The Vrat could be performed by anyone and will provide them the pleasures of the world as well as liberation. It could be done any day in the evening and all the desires of the observer will be fulfilled. He was very poor and always begged to fill his stomach. Narayana loved Brahmans and hence he disguised himself and went to the Brahman and asked him- what ails you old Brahman?

The Brahman said- I am old and poor and I want a way to remove my poverty. So the lord told him to observe Satyanarayan Vrat and explained him the procedure. Soon he became very rich and started performing the Vrat every month. He attained all the pleasure of life and eventually reached liberation. The puja spread through this incident- The Brahman was performing Shri Satyanarayan Pooja, when a woodcutter saw it.

He asked the Brahman who told him that the puja fulfilled all the desires when it was performed. So the woodcutter performed the Puja the next day according to the procedure said by the Brahman. His worries disappeared and he became happier after that. Chapter 3 Once there was a noble king called Ulkamukh.

He was just and true. He always helped the needy. Once while performing the Satyanarayan puja on the banks of the river, a merchant came in his ship with valuable goods. Upon asking the king about the puja, the king told him everything. So the merchant went home and performed the puja and later he and his wife Lilavathi were blessed with a girl. But after the birth he did not perform the Vrat saying that he will do it the day his daughter gets married.

When that day came he postponed it again. So the lord decided to teach them a lesson. One day the merchant and his son-in-law went to town. On the way they rested under a tree. They saw the merchant under the tree and kept what they stole near him. The merchant and the wife realised their mistake and the wife performed the Satyanarayan puja. After this the king had a dream that the merchant was innocent and he was released and given a lot of wealth as compensation.

Chapter 4 After the release the merchant was returning home when the lord appeared before him the form of a Sanyasi. He asked the merchant what he had in the ship and the merchant lied and said dried leaves. The Sanyasi said Tathasthu. When the merchant went to his ship he found dried leaves and realized his mistake. He went back to the Sanyasi and asked forgiveness. The lord forgave him. When he was returning home on his ship his wife asked her daughter to complete the puja and went to the dock.

The daughter in her haste to see her husband, did not take the Prasad and went like that. They waited for the ship to arrive but it did not. The Lord then revealed himself and told them about not keeping the Prasad. So the daughter ran home and completed the puja by keeping the Prasad. After that the family regularly performed the puja and lived happily. The reached Satyalok upon death.

Chapter 5 There lived a King called Angadwaj who was kind and righteous. Once he was returning from a hunt. He rested under a tree for a while.

A group of cowherd boys had gathered near there to perform Shri Satyanarayan Pooja. They did not have anything except their daily bread. They offered the prasad to the king who, because of his ego left it untouched. Soon all his wealth was lost and his hundred children died. Immediately the king went to that very spot and performed the Satyanarayan Puja with full devotion and belief. The king was relieved of all his losses. It is said that the one who reads or listens to this story will get rid of his anxieties and worries.


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Satyanarayan Puja


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