He started his literary career as a translator, in particular, of science fiction. In an interview, he said that being a businessman at the time and thus familiar with marketing, he knew how to sell, and indeed, he won the 3rd prize. Sapkowski has created a cycle of tales based on the world of "The Witcher", comprising three collections of short stories and five novels. This cycle and his other works have made him one of the best-known fantasy authors in Poland in the s. Geralt exists in a morally ambiguous universe, yet manages to maintain his own coherent code of ethics. A film by the same title was compiled from excerpts of the television series but both have been critical and box office failures.

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Publication Order of Short Story Collections The Malady and Other Stories Beschreibung bei Amazon A Polish fantasy writer who has been creating novels for quite some time now, the author Andrzej Sapkowski is well known and equally well regarded for his insurmountable contributions to the genre over the years.

Largely known for inspiring the hit video-game of the same name, this was to be his best known series to date, as the game itself gained him an even bigger following than ever before, taking his work to a whole new audience.

Early and Personal Life Born in Lodz in Poland on the 21st of June in , he was brought up in the area, an upbringing that gave him the insight and experience required for creating his unique and perceptive voice. Always interested in both reading and writing, he would seek to hone and refine his voice over the years, as he articulated his own style and tone of writing. Over the years he would turn to study economics, another lucrative career of his, but it was always fantasy that was his primary interest first and foremost, something he would turn back to in the years to follow.

Using Slavic mythology as well, he credits a variety of different influences in the creation of his work which has established his name and presence on the literary scene with. It was this understanding of myths and legends he then transposed into his fiction, which soon saw his many themes and arcs begin to slowly take shape.

Working as a translator for science-fiction he gained not only an appreciation of the genres, but he also started to explore his own style even further as well. Winning third place in the contest, he had the story published in the magazine and it was quickly a hit with both general readers and the critics as well, leading up to him achieving the success he has today. Most notably though a trilogy of role-playing video-games was made from the series, a set of games which was to bring the story onto an international stage, as the games became bestsellers worldwide.

Continuing to write and maintain an active involvement in his work through conventions and events to this day, Andrzej Sapkowski will be releasing titles for some time yet it seems. Writing Career Winning third place in a short story writing competition in , a contest which Andrzej Sapkowski apparently entered upon a whim by his own volition, he was soon well on his way to becoming a highly regarded and successful fantasy author.

With characters compared to those in a Raymond Chandler novel, he is well known for reinvigorating the genre as a whole, giving it his unique and distinctive perspective. Reaching a worldwide audience through his television series, films and, most notably, his video-games, he has gained mass-market appeal on an unprecedented scale. Translated into a whole host of different languages, these novels have not only become vastly popular in Eastern Europe where the mythology is derived from, but all across the world as well.

With his writing career growing from strength-to-strength, it appears he has plenty more novels waiting to be released on the horizon. Lux Perpetua Initially published in on the 13th of June, this was originally brought out through the SuperNOWA publishing label, as it made up the third part in the Hussite Trilogy. Continuing with many of the historical themes that came before, it is well versed in its subject matter, as it pertains to both a sense of mythology as well as history too.

Giving the readers more of what they have now come to expect from Sapkowski as an author, it maintains the momentum of the previous novels, along with the style and the overall tone. Taking place from until it reaches the Battle of Lipany along with the fall of Taborites, it charts the Hussite Wars, whilst also injecting some fantasy elements of its own.

Occuring in Bohemia, Poland and Silesia, it takes its name from the Latin requiem of mass, a factor which is reflected within its themes throughout. Not only is it well researched, but it also has many of the signature elements that Sapkowski has now become famous for as a writer. Wrapping up the story as a whole, it reaches a conclusion for the trilogy as a whole. Season of Storms First published in in January, this was to be the eighth book in the now long-running Witcher series of popular novels, which have lasted for a number of years now.

Continuing the saga, it dives straight back into the narrative, giving the readers more of what they want, whilst providing a satisfying continuation of the events.

Taking place within the short stories of the Witcher series, it acts as a midquel for the Blood of Elves novel, happening inbetween the stories. We recently conducted a poll among visitors and the Memory Man series was voted the 8th most favourite series by all readers.

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More details. However there is a lot more to Blake than just that series. He has written some of the best sci-fi books there is such as Dark Matter and Recursion.

More Details. Did You Know… Clive Cussler started working as a copywriter for an advertising industry after his discharge from the military. Later he became the creative director of two successful advertising agencies. He was assigned to produce radio and television commercials and was also given a reward at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival for many of his commercials.




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