He had three elder siblings: Diana — , Barbara — , and Harry — He was educated at Highgate School and Wadham College, Oxford and in received a first class degree in English language and literature. After finishing his B. After his profession was as a solicitor in London, from which he retired in aged Thereafter he had many guest appointments as Visiting Professor in North America.

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Auden begeisterte Leser fand. Als Barfields Hauptwerk gilt Saving the Appearances von Um gab er den Anwaltsberuf auf und zog nach Dartford. Lewis — trotz weltanschaulicher Differenzen — eng befreundet. Methuen, London ; 3. A Study in Meaning. Faber and Gwyer, London ; 3.

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Poetic Diction

The oldest languages we can point to are unlikely to be truly early languages at all. Well, let me take a step back. All of his books are in print [ when? I will return to this book in the future, and I believe there is an extraordinary amount of treasure to found here. The central concept rings true. Oct 20, Daniel Klawitter rated it liked it. Read this book because of Inklings J.


Poetic Diction: A Study in Meaning

Dec 21, Bob Nichols rated it it was ok This book, regarded as a classic by some, is not about poetry per se. Real poets, pure poets, are able to discern these truths via poetic intuition. Certain words and wordings with surface meaning are, really, but reflections of non-material, higher Reality. Only the poetic philosophers have the capacity to discern through poetic expression and use of metaphors and such.

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