Guzuru Without this range one is emotionally crippled. Everyone over age 10,definitely to ppl wither Melanin content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This is definitely a great read for anyone looking to get a basic understanding of melanin. Have a few questions for author, hopefully he will respond. Melanin is our sixth sense and unfortunately the ones running the school systems and creating the curriculums lack it.

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Probably helpful to have dictionary handy. Have a few questions for author, hopefully he will respond. Overall all African Americans should read this book. Nov 28, FractalHealing rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone over age 10,definitely to ppl wither Melanin content Recommended to FractalHealing by: Internet Scientifically focusses on a complex living molecule called Melanin and goes on to discuss its impact on health, society, biological imperatives education, politics and peace.

Melanin is latin for black substance. Study of Melanin is the key to understanding life on planet Earth. Chemistry comes from the word Kemit. Kemit means black. Kemit means ancient Egypt. Originally study of Melanin was central to studying what is now known as Chemistry.

Definitely thought provoking read due to its inter-contextual references and scientific backing. The book contains facts that are rarely stated. Higher Melanin content makes for certain attributes biologically, physiologically, cognitively etc. This makes for differences in people with varying amounts of Melanin- 1. Which is the normal range for chemicals in the blood are different for different races.

For example :- Diabetes will not show up in the blood report in the same reading for all races. The speed of child development varies as per Melanin content, therefore expectation from a child should be different , as the growth of nerves controlling the bladder for example is much faster. Biochemically there is a difference in the milk produced by a mother based on Melanin content in her body. Baby food too should reflect this difference for babies with various amount of Melanin.

Higher Melanin in a body indicates that person is absorbing a broader spectrum of frequencies. This indicates richer experience of colors and tastes. More Melanin in the body indicates better regulation of the the body temperature. And therefore protects the skin from aging. Epinephrine, also known as adrenalin is a form of Melanin but acts both as a hormone and a neurotransmitter.

Epinephrine is critical to flight or fight response and therefore higher Melanin content indicates a better mechanism to survive. Every living thing has melanin.

Laila the author , attacks long held assumptions using real scientific facts , not fake science. Anybody that considers themselves neutral to the racism drama should find themselves intrigued by this book because it pertains to life on planet Earth.

There are two different kinds of Melanin , which cannot be a part of the same ancestral tree. This difference determines race. Darker skinned people have Selenium in their Melanin. Melanin is a bio chemical key to life , it causes conversion reactions -metabolism of carbohydrates efficiently.

The following are a few derivatives or particles of Melanin conversion clockwise and counter clock wise. Melanin is the only chemical that can bi locate. Melanin lays the blueprint for the design of the growth of bones, eyes, organs, blood vessels….

Melanin has memory that cannon be destroyed, thats why amputees experience phantom pain. Pineal gland is Pine cone shaped gland, 2mg in weight, has an inch is size as big as a grain of wheat , reddish in color. Contemporary Pineal gland calcifies age years ,shrinks and stops working at age 20 , due to life style pollutants in the human system. Melanin is produced by Pineal gland located in the geometric centre of the brain. Melanin is then converted to various hormones such as 1.

Serotonin is important to experience joy and achieve higher consciousness 2. Melatonin which is involved in circadian rhythm 3. Melanin synchronizes clocks synch and rhythmicity the various organ functions to avoid conflicts.

Helps humans dream at night.


The Power and Science of Melanin


AFI 31-218 PDF




Melanin What Makes Black People Black! by Llaila Afrika PDF


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