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The two have nothing in common. Nothing except insane, inexplicable, but undeniable desire. Ty knows from the instant they first kiss that he and Charlotte are meant to be together. Proving it to strong-willed Charlotte? A whole different bull-ride. The Blacker the Berry Tamara Holifield could never have guessed one little favor would change her entire world, but it does.

Luckily for her, he has a solution, in the form of his best friend, lawyer Russell Crichton. Russell could never have imagined doing a favor for Ty would alter his perception of beauty or disrupt his entire life, but it does. Starting up a new venture is going to take time and focus and the last thing he needs is the distraction of his sexy carpooler.

Russell never believed he would be attracted to a plus-size woman, nor did city-slicker Tamara think she would ever have anything in common with a white cowboy, but sizzling sex soon changes both their minds. Now, if they can look past their obvious differences, they might just find out that the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. After all, Ty and Charlotte are letting him stay with them on the weekends while his new house is being finished. Without Tamara or Russell even being aware of it, they have fallen hard for each other and that scares both of them, especially Tamara.

She knows what she looks like and she knows the perception people have of her. Will Russell be able to handle that for the rest of their lives?

I fell in love with Russell from the first moment he met Tamara and thought that he was at his most sexy when he was being photographed. Russell was definitely drool-worthy. Most of all, however, I loved watching her take a chance on Russell and his love. That was the sweetest moment of all.

By Rookie on Jan 15, This was a different look a romance to me. I have not read many books on BWWM that involve cowboys who naturally sexy.

Sexy literally leaks from their pores. Tamara a freelance photographer, an ordinary young woman fighting the fight of weight control and age. Russel on the other hand was lawyer turning cowboy that was having his home built out on ranch so he could fulfill his life and leave his law days behind. Tamara met the Russel at the wedding of her best friend Charlotte and Ty the best friend of Russel.

They met up again sometime later when Russel agreed to give Tamara a ride to the ranch to lighten the mood of her very pregnant friend Charlotte. Russel had forgotten that he had once met this quick witted plus-size beauty. Sparks immediately fly immediately as two are put in the same vicinity of one another. It was a beautiful tale to watch unfold these two try to fight the ever losing battle of attraction. Sexy,crazy, scortching,red hot love scenes are ones to be remembered.

Great read By Lapetite on Feb 14, I loved every word of this book. It made me laugh out loud many times.

I loved all of the main characters in this book. I highly reccommend this book. Definitely a five Star! I really enjoyed this book. She was feisty but also vulnerable. Russel was just awesome!. I bought the Kindle version and I felt that a book about Ty and Charlotte had to exist but could not find it on Amazon until later when I discovered it as one of two stories in the paperback version of The Blacker the Berry.

So now I have both and they are great reads. I will have to keep on reading Lena Matthews as I really like her style. It would also be great if they do finally offer both if they label one as a prequel or sequel so readers know they go together. Hilarious and Sexy Spencer on Mar 29, This book was great. Tamara was sharp witted and funny as hell. Her rare combination of strength with a hint of vunerability was endearing and she made you want to be her friend just to get caught in her great personality.

Russell was also one of those guys that makes you wonder where these kind of men are in the real world. If these guys exist for real I will be heading out to find myself a cowboy tomorrow. The sex was hot and believable and though quite explicit, it was certainly not raunchy or overdone. I absolutely loved the fact that there were two stories in this book; which tied the characters together very well.

The fact that the male was an alpha and a cowboy was a nice surprise! I had never thought much about cowboys before, but after reading this book, my original perception of them has been completely changed! Loved the fact that the female was not a size 2, and the male character loved every inch of her, inside and out. The love scenes were sexy and sizzling, and were well written in the story.

I enjoyed this book so much that I have read three times! I look forward to reading more from this author. Great Romance!! It was a sweet story but a bit quick. I loved the dialogue between these two characters and I could felt the romance. I especially like the fact that the characters were well developed and I felt I got a chance to get to know them. Additionally she dealt lightly with the issue of race without beating it to death.

The only disappointment I had was when the story ended. Just be prepared for some explicit love scenes, but even those were written in decent taste.

I am definitely adding Lena Matthews to my list of favorite authors!! What makes this book unique is that the women know their own minds and are not afraid to follow their own hearts. By E-reader Lady on Nov 02, This is how a story with an Alpha male and a strong willed woman should be done.

Russel is definitely Alpha and Tamara definitely has a mind of her own. Her best friend is married to his best friend. Russel lets Tamara know that he is man enough to stand up for her and to her. Proving it makes their story so explosive and I loved it! The author allowed both characters to maintain their character while learning how to love each other. This is a great story. Hate the stereotypes, love the story By Sasc Spice on Sep 03, 44 five star reviews really tells you all you need to know about how enjoyable this story is.

The dialog, character interactions, and POV transitions create an enjoyable reading experience. Oh, and did I mention the hot sex and sexual tension? Does not hurt the story at all! The ending was rushed and abrupt. I could also have done without the "honey chile" minstrel-ization of the African-American women - just say teeth. I almost stopped reading because of it. It felt like the author was firmly trying to establish the ethnicity of the female main character before continuing with the story.

In the end this story had its ups and downs. The beginning was hard to swallow. There was a shift to a thoroughly enjoyable middle that had me re-examining my own past relationships with a new perspective.

The conclusion was an abrupt slam of door on a couple I wanted to spend more time with. Overall, I loved the story and could have done with out the stereotyping in the beginning. Hot Couple!!! The chemistry was awesome, the love scenes were awesome. How many times do you get a series where the backup characters outshine the main characters? I liked the little girl. Sometimes kids in books are annoying, but she was really cute and funny.

But my favorite character is the heroine of the story, Tamara. She is funny, real, and completely at ease with herself, for the most part. Thank you Ms. Matthews for an awesome read! A real page turner. Little does Russell Crichton know that when he does his friend Ty a favor that he is about to meet a woman who will change his perception about women. Ty is a good husband and feels that what Charlotte needs is a visit with her best friend Tamara Russell.

The problem is they live way out of town on a ranch and Tamara has no car.


The Blacker the Berry



The Blacker The Berry (2008)







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