If your TV will not power on, check the following: Make sure that the TV is plugged into a working outlet. You can try using a different outlet or extension cord to confirm, or plug the TV into another outlet where another device is working. The power cord is firmly connected into the TV and the wall outlet. Sometimes when moving the TV the power cord can become loose. Even if the cable is just a little bit loose will cause a loss of power. The power indicator light is on this is located at the bottom middle of the TV.

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Plasma TVs by contrast look dim as the peak white do not compete. But take the TVs home and put them in a dark room with a colorful movie and you will see a much stronger picture performance on the good plasma screens or the better LED-LCDs that have overcome many of the negative picture symptoms of LCDs. But then if you need that super brightness and high whites for a brightly lit room, especially on football Saturdays and Sundays, then the Sharp 70LEU will look very good.

In fact, this or a better version of this is the type of TV you are looking for. The effect is not there with normal cable or broadcast. The tradeoff is not a good one in our opinion. Turn it off for all film based content. When you turn it off, you will likely notice some judder effects for a slight time until you get used to it. Ironically, you may want to leave the feature on for live action sports or other live fast motion programs as it delivers a smoothing quality, however do turn the film mode off for film content.

Another pic from the same movie shows good shadow detail Preset Picture Modes The LEU comes with lots of good preset picture mode options. The Movie mode has a green push even after calibration but isnt bad, the User mode is pretty good after some adjustment. I would definitely forego use of the Dynamic modes which create false edges and have over-saturated colors.

It is one of the key reasons behind the lack of picture depth. We prefer the clearer coated screens even though they have a bit more reflection. Matte finish screens do still have glare from in-room lighting— just less reflection. The higher end TVs in the market have clearer screen finishes with more expensive screen filters that help reduce glare even though the panel is clear. Color Rendition Color rendition looks good, but just a touch on the unnatural and flat side once calibrated.

Again, good plasma TVs are much better in this area. The LEU is one of the worst offenders in this area. The problem is compounded by the severity by which they decrease in saturation — quite a lot. The side frame depth is less than an inch and total depth is just a couple inches to accommodate the speakers on the bottom.

That last one is the favorites section which will change per your choice. Just consider this TV as not really having a web browser and lower your expectations. And just in case you are wondering, no you cannot just access another search engine and get results that way. It takes a little getting used to finding the small buttons. Even the 5-way controller arrow keys are too small which makes browsing and toggling between choices a little slower than normal. The menu broad categories runs across the top of the screen and then down the right hand side for breakdown choices leaving a large area for the content you are watching.

The graphics and system is not attractive but work well and allow for a large picture viewing while making adjustments. To get to the important Film Mode setting: Click menu, picture settings, scroll down to the Advanced Settings option at the bottom, scroll down again to the bottom to click on Film Mode.

The TV comes with the setting on. For any kind of film based material you will want to turn it off. It does have a decent set of features and the panel feels a little cheap when tapping it unlike the metal top end units with a more substantial screen.

Overall Rating: 8. Most people do not get excited about possibilities behind the latest video engine Wiley does. Read more about Robert.







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