Vutaur The long period of development of this brush type has left its mark and appears in every detail of the brush. With an outside diameter of only 20 mm it is possible to reach an inner diameter of zero. Killen roller cores consist of mild steel or stainless steel 1. Moulded disc brushes are characterised by their filling density. These types of brushes are particularly versatile in the way in which they can be mounted and in which they harmonise visually. Bessemer steel wire, crimped, dia.

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Almost infinite different brush types out of the Kullen-Koti-range, plus the uncountable range of the KOTI Group speak for themselves and for us. Our products are exported to over 74 countries. Inventiveness goes hand in hand with technical know-how. There are no applications for which we cannot find the correct brush, through our technical knowledge and innovative thinking.

You will get an opportunity to acquaint yourself with our modern manufacturing processes and equipment, developed by our own engineers. You will also gain an understanding of the exacting standards we set for our products. For us, quality and reliability come as standard, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. So you can expect something special. This ensures that only high quality products are supplied for your use.

In this way, we are able to offer the most appropriate product for almost every industry and for most applications. Should you have any questions or special requirements, please contact us.

You will find all our contact information here. Alternatively our on-line "Product Advisor Service" will assist you in locating the brush you require. Kullen-Koti also attends all the major national and international exhibitions where you are welcome to visit our stand.


Strip Brushes - Special types

Synthetic bristles — PBT Polyester: Synthetic bristles — HCB Extremely heat and chemical resistant: The two constructions of sealing brushes are strip brush construction and punched brush construction. Brass wire CuZnstraight bursh crimped, dia. This allows the brushes to be mounted by means of holders or inserted into grooves. Visit address Am Heilbrunnen 83 Reutlingen Germany. Kullen-Koti strip brushes with metal backing tape have a big bbrush over other brush constructions with rigid plastic bodies. We carry a range of standard moulded plastic cores with special bores resp.


Strip and Sealing Brushes

Marn Economising, automating and continuously optimising production sequences. Polyethylene, straight or in x-cross-section, either flagged or normal, colours on request, dia. Webcode To read an article from the print version of the magazine online, please enter the webcode at the bottom of the page in the box below. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Bbrush we supply it for almost all kinds of industry where conveyor belts have to be cleaned. The face width corresponds to the required total brush length BLG.


End, Cup and Bevel Brushes

Mezizilkree In addition to the versatility of 11 particular types of aluminium profiles they can be supplied anodized resp. Roller Brushes with Metal Backing Tape. This cooperation is an important part of our work. As our standard types which are available from stock we chose our most demanded sealing brushes concerning the trim heights and overall lengths. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. For this, brush discs with nylon abrasive filling or wire are mainly used. Synthetic bristles — CON Electrically conductive, special filament: By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy.

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