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These feature-rich drives provide a solution for nearly any application, from basic torque-and-velocity applications to synchronized multiaxis motion using the NI LabVIEW graphical development environment. High-speed loop rates guarantee reliable control and accommodate changing load conditions immediately.

Graphical configuration software and features such as autotuning and wizard-based configuration allow for simplified system setup. Brushless Servo Motors AKM brushless servo motors, available in a wide variety of frame sizes, speed, and torque ranges, provide superior dynamic performance.

Perfectly matched with AKD servo drives, these motors enable plug-and-play configuration due to integrated SFD technology and simplified cabling. AKM rotary brushless servo motors incorporate low-inertia rotors and stand out due to their low-cog, low-harmonic distortion magnetic design.

Because of their superior dynamic performance and availability in different frame sizes, speed ranges, and torque ranges, brushless servos are an effective solution for applications such as machine control, manufacturing test, semiconductor positioning, biomedical machines, and lab automation.

This allows for greater heat dissipation through the casing of the motor. The NI Basic System Assurance Program provides a simple integration test and ensures that your system is delivered completely assembled in one box.

When you configure your system with the NI Standard System Assurance Program, you can select from available NI system driver sets and application development environments to create customized, reorderable software configurations. Your system arrives fully assembled and tested in one box with your software preinstalled. When you order your system with the standard program, you also receive system-specific documentation including a bill of materials, an integration test report, a recommended maintenance plan, and frequently asked question documents.

Finally, the standard program reduces the total cost of owning an NI system by providing three years of warranty coverage and calibration service. Use the online product advisors at ni. Calibration NI measurement hardware is calibrated to ensure measurement accuracy and verify that the device meets its published specifications. To ensure the ongoing accuracy of your measurement hardware, NI offers basic or detailed recalibration service that provides ongoing ISO audit compliance and confidence in your measurements.

To learn more about NI calibration services or to locate a qualified service center near you, contact your local sales office or visit ni. Technical Support Get answers to your technical questions using the following National Instruments resources. Repair While you may never need your hardware repaired, NI understands that unexpected events may lead to necessary repairs.

NI offers repair services performed by highly trained technicians who quickly return your device with the guarantee that it will perform to factory specifications.

For more information, visit ni. Training and Certifications The NI training and certification program delivers the fastest, most certain route to increased proficiency and productivity using NI software and hardware.

Training builds the skills to more efficiently develop robust, maintainable applications, while certification validates your knowledge and ability. Visit ni.

Extended Warranty NI offers options for extending the standard product warranty to meet the life-cycle requirements of your project. In addition, because NI understands that your requirements may change, the extended warranty is flexible in length and easily renewed. For information about special pricing and services for OEMcustomers, visit ni.

Services range from start-up assistance to turnkey system integration. Detailed Specifications.


AKMâ„¢ Servomotoren



AKM2G Servo Motor


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