This form of reflection is meant to settle the mind of the meditation practitioner. Kasina meditation also allows for the creation of a foundation for more advanced meditation practices. In Therevada Buddhism, forty visual objects suitable for meditation are listed. Ten of these forty are referred to as kasinas. These kasinas are the concepts of earth, water, fire, wind, the colors blue, red, yellow and white, and the ideas of enclosed space and bright light or consciousness.

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You can use a chair and many work better with the use of one, however the height is important, as is how far away the Kasina is.

This is relative, but choose a chair that is fairly low and will not strain the neck and the kasina should be close enough to be able to focus firmly on it, so neither too close nor too far.

You can use any word that appeals or feels relevant, but English only has limited words for things like light, the colours, water etc. Repeating its characteristic helps focus solely on the subject rather than getting distracted with thoughts. People who have been good at hidden picture puzzles or other optical puzzles have a head start as they are already familiar with persistent focus.

Eventually an image will arise from it, it might appear floating in front of the disc, or be the reverse image of it. It might move, or it might be still. This can take some time so it is best not to practice this style of meditation if you cannot dedicate some real time to it. Common history tells the story of a man who spent 40 days in the desert and developed the earth kasina and some monks spend many months on the subject. It might not happen immediately or quickly, so giving fair time is important to find out and to develop what does arise.

This is why they happen on their own sometimes in day to day life. Select a comfortable posture and the Do Mindful Meditation page has a look at the four styles to help you select one, although sitting, standing or reclining are the best types. It depends how well you focused on the original to how well it stays. Sometimes the image might last a few seconds, or a minute, or a fair while. If it fades away, go back and focus on the original again until the symbol appears again.

Its recommended you protect the image as something most precious and to observe it silently with word-less awareness. Develop it, enrich it, make it your total focus of attention which does require gentle but consistent and persistent concentration. Let everything fade away so there is just the image and relax into it.

Eventually the mind becomes fully absorbed into the image, which you can then use to develop insight. Advertisement Developing the Meditation 1 To develop it further ensure the mind is calm, bright and aware. Start examining a subject you wish to study deeply. The mind being more calmed is less likely to distort what you are seeing and the deeper focus means it is easier to investigate things more deeply and quickly.

Some good subjects would be: 1. The Four Noble Truths.


Kasina Meditation

Learn about the Deep Vision GanzFrames here Kasina Product Description The Kasina gets its name from a form of Buddhist meditation that uses visual objects and colours to focus the mind. The Kasina Mind Machine uses special patterns of light and sound to lead you gently into the peaceful, calm states of mind and body that will help you to relax deeply, improve concentration and memory, and sleep more soundly. What makes the Kasina different from other light-and-sound systems is that it has an integrated MP3 player and includes an 8 GB microSD card with over 50 audio-visual sessions. The sessions range from the soothing sounds of nature to ambient electronic tapestries - all beautifully orchestrated and synchronized to the visual experience. They also include special tones and pulses known as binaural and isochronic beats. These beats have been shown to have a deeply relaxing effect on mind and body. Amazing visual effects can be produced, including the illusion of complex, shifting geometrical imagery.


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