Please read the following before getting started: Specifying the Luminance Level Range for Adjusting Automatic White Balance Displaying Zebra Pattern As the color of the light color temperature varies according to the light source, it is necessary to readjust the white You can specify the upper limit Top and majual limit Bottom balance when the main light source illuminating the object of the luminance level range. Had experience using an earlier model and after researching other models, I decided this model offered everything I needed at a reasonable though not gy-jmu cheapest price. No camera will fix bad lighting mabual you. In this manual, each model number is described without the last letter.

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Tauzilkree These items are displayed in gray, and they cannot be selected. Moves the cursor downward. However, the wired remote is not included and must be purchased separately. This lens features three aspheric elements that minimize the weight and space required, while producing less distortion, ghosting, and flare.

The small design is a plus for travellers but could be a problem if yours customers judge your work by the size of your camera. Focus Assist works equally well in the viewfinder as on the LCD panel.

A smooth servo zoom is controlled with a conventional rocker on the handgrip, or manually on the lens. Moves back to the previous item. SD media offers the best combination of price, availability, capacity, reliability, and transfer speed. Page 83 Select the position to move to with the set lever Move the position selection bar with the set lever and select a position to move to. The final result after acquisition is a very good picture.

This mode allows you to consolidate several rounds of start- Applicable to: Full Auto shooting mode A, Manual shooting On. No Longer Available Update Location close. Record Set Menu Record Format Menu After setting of all items in the [Record Format] menu is complete, select [Set] at the bottom of the screen to apply the new settings on the camera recorder and switch the record format.

It cannot be played back deleted gy-hm15u the camera recorder. Item Setting Values Function Auto Power Off For setting whether to turn off the power automatically when the jcv recorder is not operated for more than 5 minutes while the battery is attached. Page 7 Favorites Menu No camera will fix bad lighting for you. Would be nice to have a more crush proof body but that goes for me too and hey, who is out to be crushed? As specifyed in the headline, great camera with everithing you need in a small design.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Fabri from Great camera with everything you need. See below The picture quality of the camera can be set using the [Camera Process] menu.

Manual shooting mamual M Applicable to: Attach the audio unit according to the following procedure. Adjusting the Focus Using the Focus Assist Function Manually This feature temporarily switches the screen to black-and- white, and adds color to the contour of the focused image.

With Pre Rec enabled, the camcorder continuously buffers up to 5 seconds of video, so that when recording is started the cached video is included in the recorded file, giving you up to a 5 second head start Time Lapse Interval Recording The enhanced time-lapse feature offers variable recording intervals and frequency settings, allowing for total control when creating time-lapse effects Wired and Wireless Remote Control The GY-HMU comes with a wired remote interface 3.

Not specified by manufacturer. For setting items such as the safety zone and center mark. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Press the center of the set lever. I come from maunal other models but this one is excellent. The thumbnail menu screen appears. This manual also for: Link to AMA works just fine. Also, when recording, clips separated with the Rec trigger manuao be saved as a conjoined clip using Clip Continuous mode, and the Clip Cutter mode allows you to separate clips by using the User button as a trigger.

Favorites Menu Select the menu or submenu item to add. Setting continued The time code preset screen appears. After setting the value, press the [ADJ. Adjusting the Grip Jjvc Place the microphone in the microphone holder. Fujinon 10x lens, 3.


JVC GY-HM150U Instructions Manual

All in all, a great camera for the level of work I am doing, and worth ty-hmu extra money. Any commercial use without proper permission This equipment has been designed and manufactured is prohibited. Accessories Accessories Attaching the Audio Unit The audio unit with handle is not attached to the camera recorder unit when purchased. No Longer Available Update Location close. Fujinon 10x lens, 3. An infrared remote gy-hmy is provided, which is a great tool for operating the camera remotely Versatile Manual Controls When operating the camera in the manual mode, depth of field can be adjusted by manually setting the iris. Camera mode Connect the headphone.


Jvc GY-HM150U Manuals

Ket Not specified by manufacturer. Shooting Dual Rec Start recording. I have gotten very good, crisp picture quality with this camera even in p! Record Set Menu Record Format Menu After setting of all items in the [Record Format] menu is complete, select [Set] at the bottom of the screen to apply the new settings on the camera recorder and switch the record format. Focus Assist works equally well in the viewfinder as on the LCD panel. Rated 4 out of 5 by Boogie from Nice.

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