Resources Single Life Sayings and Quotes Sometimes living your best life means living the single life. There are perks to being a party of one. You are free to do whatever you want — from practicing self care, or traveling on a whim, to staying out as late as you please. A choice to refuse to let your life be defined by your relationship status but to live every day Happily and let your Ever After work itself out.

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Ian Charleson does a convincing job of portraying a percent sincerely good man who walks the talk. In here is also a good portrayal of a Jewish man, a student at Cambridge, acted well by Ben Cross. This man is too defensive about being Jewish and carries a chip on his shoulder until the end where he comes out a hero and a fine man as well, the bitterness gone. The story of those two men and their quest for a gold medal at the Olympics in France makes for an inspiring film.

A recently-issued widescreen DVD finally shows off the award-winning cinematography. Her extraordinary beauty made Alice Krige an interesting person to watch in the film, and I wonder why she never made it as a "big-name" actress. Perhaps that was her decision. In summary, a very classy film, that still lives up to its reputation. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. My friends and I all went to see this movie repeatedly -- and I mean five, six, or seven paid entrances.

It was simply that the film was so utterly beautiful. The men were beautiful in a clean, non-glamorous way that we had never seen before. Not in British films, and certainly not in Hollywood movies. The social and educational expectations shared by all were beautiful. I know it is fashionable to decry the British class system, and in principle I agree with all the criticisms.

But it also seems that erasing class-by-birth leaves little else but crass meritocracy and the sheer vulgarity of the uneducated masses. Britain was beautiful. Of course some parts still are, but Nazi bombs, post-war architecture, and modern cars have destroyed much.

This was a Britain where people at the time might have decried "Victorian" architecture, but we in were just coming to realize how great it was.

And this was a Britain where, for good or ill, middle class people kept their houses tasteful, and working-class door-steps were white-stoned each week. In all this movie was a connection to the beautiful aspects of the British past. That past might never have existed in reality, but in we could just about touch it, above all in Edinburgh, spared by German bombs and still one of the most beautiful cities in the world. They will sacrifice anything to achieve their goals , except their honor.

In a warmup meter race, Scottish Eric defeats Harold, who hires a pro coacher Ian Holm to prepare him. After that , both compete in the Olympics where their courage and determination to be tested. Eric Liddell , whose qualifying heat is scheduled for a Sunday, denies to run despite pressure from the Olympic committee formed by high authorities Nigel Davenport , Patrick Magee , David Yelland as Prince of Wales.

In fact , during the Japanese occupation of China, Eric as a missionary was taken into the Japanese Weihsien internment Camp, where he was to die from a brain tumour just before the camp was liberated. This is is a sensitive as well as riveting story, being told in flashback , dealing with two young British sprinters , competing for fame in the Olympics , both of them compellingly performed by Ben Cross and the early deceased Ian Charleson.

Brad Davis and Dennis Christopher appeared as a favor to producer David Puttnam, waiving their fees, in order to attract finance from backers who wanted "marquee names". Besides the lead actors, most of the white-clad runners training on West Sands in St. Andrews during the title sequence are St. Andrews golf caddies. When the athletes are running off the beach , in reality it results to be West Sands at St Andrews in Scotland , they run towards a large red building clearly marked as a hotel ; this is in fact Hamilton hall of residence, a student accommodation hall belonging to the University.

Lavishly and luxuriously produced by great producer David Puttnam , he was looking for a story in the mold of A man for eternity , regarding someone who follows their conscience ; he felt sports provided clear situations in this sense, and happened upon the story by accident while thumbing through an Olympic reference book in a rented house in Los Angeles , then the screenwriter Colin Welland took out advertisements in London newspapers seeking memories of the Olympics.


The Essential Teddy Pendergrass

They emigrated from their native country, China, remarried, and gave birth to children in America. In the prologue, a woman presumably Suyuan bought a swan in China from a market vendor who was selling it as "a duck that stretched its neck [to become] a goose. When the immigration officials took it away from her, she plucked out only a swan feather instead while she struggled to grab the swan away. For a long time, the woman had kept the feather, planning to give it to her daughter someday. Among the guests are members of The Joy Luck Club, their daughters, other relatives, and friends.


Joyfully single in a couples' world : knowing contentment, peace, and fulfullment-- now

Shelves: faith Binasa ko ang Tagalog version. Maganda dahil madali lang siyang basahin booklet lang, hindi ko alam kung mas mahaba pa ang English version. Pwedeng dahil pare-parehong pakikipagsapalaran ang buhay single, na marami ka nang naririnig na advice mula sa pamilya, kamag-anak, kaibigan, etc. Pero pwede ring may mga pagkakataon na sa tingin ko stereo-typical ang pagtalakay sa ibang scenario rito. Ang daming anecdotes at tingin ko naman Binasa ko ang Tagalog version.

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