The programmer wanted to sort a large file with limited memory but the critical piece of information was that the numbers are in a specific range 7 digits only and so the solution was to use a bit vector. Column 2: AHA! Algorithms designing the algorithm for the problem Principles: Sorting can be used to accomplish tasks that are not related to ordering records for example with grouping anagrams Problem 3 in the chapter. Binary search is a very important algorithm as well. Good programmers sit and wait for an insight rather than rushing to code. The problems in this chapter are beautiful problems.

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A classic revised. Choice and Precious One definition of pearl is something "very choice or precious. Now revised 14 years later, this material has definitely stood the test of time.

It filled me with a sense of wonder that is difficult to describe. It confirmed my love for computer science. I believe that I am not alone in this regard. Twelve of the thirteen columns in the first edition have been edited substantially for this edition, and three new columns have been added.

This new edition is about 25 percent longer. Although the first edition had been getting a little long in the tooth, the revisions once again place the essays in the modern world.

Discussions of performance take into account modern hardware, caches, and instruction-level parallelism. Like Meeting an Old Friend Re-reading this book was like meeting an old friend. Notwithstanding the major revisions, it has changed in subtle ways. Some anecdotes have been updated, some material reorganized. All of the energy and fun remains, youthful as ever.

It has all the information on why this book was updated, along with exactly what was revised. There the curious reader will find excerpts from columns, some problems and their solutions, and many other parts of the book available online. All of the source code is available and free for use. Relevant web sites are linked and annotated. I love the Java applet that demonstrates sorting algorithms source available!

Bentley even provides some overhead transparencies for use in teaching. Recommendation This is a no-brainer. The second edition is merely an excuse to purchase and re- read a revised copy. The time spent is well worth it. Remember, only one column per sitting! I also recommend scrounging a copy of the sequel, which is out of print [5]. Purchase this book at fatbrain.


Programming Pearls, Second Edition



Programming Pearls, 2nd Edition


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