Hey Joel! Thank you very much for agreeing to conduct this interview. No problem Bret, thanks for having me on your site! My focus back in those days was really on the strength and power side of things as those were mostly the kind of athletes with whom I worked. I later spent some time working with the Seattle Seahawks and then opened my own training facility in Little did I know it at the time, but Matt was one of the very best MMA coaches in the world and was the official trainer for PrideFC, so he had a steady stream of world class fighters coming through his gym.

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While steady state jogging or running is often used to train the aerobic energy system, there are other much better options. Here are a few: Cardiac Output Work This is about as simple as you can get. Pick an activity, or several activities, and do them for minutes while keeping your heart rate in the bpm range. Again, this is where many people would assume jogging is best. Most of us slack on our warm-up and mobility work in the first place, so doing this kills two birds with one stone.

Here is a video of one of my favorite circuits. You can repeat it as many times as necessary until you have completed your allotted cardiac output recommendation. Combining light strength training movements with sled dragging is fantastic, low-impact, and very beneficial for recovery. Repeat Circuit for rounds. Add seconds per drill each week, up to 1 min each. Tempo Work Tempo work is another great method of aerobic energy systems training. Repeat this cycle until you complete rounds on the bike.

Two to three series of this circuit is appropriate. The work intervals on the bike will need to be adjusted based upon fitness level. Long reps are , , and yds, respectively. Rest periods between reps are walking the width of the field 50 yds and rest periods between sets are walking the length of the field yds. At the end of every rep, perform either 10 pushups or reps of some type of abdominal work. RPE is significant here, because if his 1st rep is done at a 6. Rest time between reps and sets needs to be adjusted to ensure this is happening.

HICT is a very interesting method of aerobic work and one that not many people are familiar with. So what is HICT? Exactly what it sounds like. Or a high intensity exercise performed every seconds continuously over an extended period of time, usually 20 minutes. HICT is a great tool for increasing the oxidative capacity of those fast twitch muscle fibers. If performing more than 20 minutes of HICT total, take a 5 minute break in between minute bouts.

As you can imagine, the weight vest is imperative because my grip would easily give out before 20 minutes if I had to hold 35 lb. I set up a box so that my thigh is around parallel to the floor or slightly higher, and set a metronome app on my phone or stand in front of a clock to ensure that I perform one rep every seconds. I typically switch legs every seconds to avoid local fatigue. And you take one step every seconds for 20 minutes.

You can drag it forwards, backwards, or sideways. Using an Airdyne or a spin bike on a very high resistance also works very well for many people. Below are 2 sample weekly templates, one for a powerlifter and the other for a football player.


Joel Jamieson Explains How Fitness Can Save Your Life

Since then, Joel sent me a copy of his Conditioning Blueprint DVD to review, and I realize now that I could have done an even better job in planning my training blocks. In Conditioning Blueprint, Joel explains some of the most common mistakes trainers make and provides proven techniques to better train athletes for their sports. The DVD set is broken down into four modules: Module 1: Conditioning Essentials In this module, Joel explains how energy systems work and how athletic training affects the body. He also discusses theories about what causes fatigue. Conditioning is a measure of maximum sustainable power output over a given duration.


Has the ultimate mma conditioning book been updated? (Joel Jamieson)

Why am I digging into again? Because I am reminded of something I may have forgot and I also learn something new every single time I read the book — its chalked full of great information on conditioning. There is a difference between building bigger muscles and building muscles that can perform. Strength and power are only as good as your ability to use them. Likewise, you might have great endurance and be able to run a marathon, but if your weak and have no explosive power, you can end up getting pushed around and controlled by a bigger, faster, stronger opponent. If you want to improve your conditioning and turn it into a weapon then you must work on it year round.

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