I love the little pictures the author added of Ash, Puck and Grim. They are so cute! This includes We shall see! But, I have to say one thing. D: It sucks.

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I love the little pictures the author added of Ash, Puck and Grim. They are so cute! This includes We shall see! But, I have to say one thing. D: It sucks. Ooh, that rhymed. But it felt so good to hang out with the main trio again after the lack of them in The Lost Prince. Spe I absolutely adore this cover. There was so much of him in it and I shit you not, every single word out of his mouth made me completely weak.

And that shirtless scene, and the make-out scene after that? Holy shitpickles. I hate you for being so damn lucky, Meghan. The Puck on the cover is atrocious. That is not how I pictured him. And his expression. It screams, "What the hell is going on. He has Puck written all over his face.

All he needs is pointy ears, red hair, and green eyes. You know? Like this:Thank you, Anna! January 1, Elena Is it just me, or does this look vaguely familiar? January 1, Souma BookAddict These stories are very quick reads and just fill in some of the story between the main novels. Some important information is revealed for the next spin-off books and I did enjoy the guide at the back. Other than that , not really necessary to read them.

January 1, Kristalia Final rating: 3. And to read them too, without skipping because these short stories impact the main plot and it will make you understand some things later on. There were some interesting information about the world building and customs and characters and it was fun to read about.

January 1, Emily Elizabeth Uhm Julie Kagawa hugged me and gave me a copy of this, which she personalized for me. How could you end a novella like THAT? I think I just died there a little, Julie. With capital K. How much longer???? I just opened my Twitter account and saw Ms. And I even spilled coffee on my keyboard!

The cover! Kagawa giving us another book cover reveal for her latest book Anthology called The Iron Legends. This is where my heart skipped a beat. This has an expanded guide to the Nevernever and a chapter of The Lost Prince. Ash has come to take Meghan back to Mag and the Winter court to fulfill the terms of their deal. Meghan is determined to keep the promise she made she only asks to go and see Puck before setting out to be held captive by Queen Mab for who know how long.

But Oberon wants his daughter back in the Summer court and has sent something to bring her home. This is a good look into the struggle that Ash faces as he knows the rules of Faery and while he cares for Meghan he also made a promise to bring her to Mab and so he is bound by his word. But first he must protect them from the Legendary Beast that is one their trail.

It is a fun intruding story with the addition of some new creepy characters and a scary monster in the land of Faery. There is even a nice steamy kiss or two.

Fun little read of an adventure that is mentioned in the Iron Daughter. That was especially true in this novella set right after The Iron Queen. Puck loves Meghan, Ash loves Meghan but she only has eyes for Ash. This is a funny story with tricks played on 2 Queens as Puck and Ash sneak into the Summer court to retrieve something that Titania has stolen. Definitely worth a read if you enjoy the Nevernever. The Iron Prophecy:Yay!

I love seeing Meghan and Ash together as a couple. I greatly missed Meghan in The Iron Knight and it is nice to see a part of the life that she and Ash have after being married. They are getting ready for the first Elysium that Meghan has gone to as the Iron Queen but she is feeling a little weird nausea and almost fainting…. Again with Grimalkin and Puck we are off for another little adventure.

How are you doing this? Sure he will always be Ice-Boy but he is a little more human now he has a soul. I look forward to reading tales of their adventures and now I can see why some of the things I read in the Forgotten Prince happened the way they did. See: By the end of the day there were a lot more Post-It flags. A LOT. But anyways, when I was in the process of violating my copy of The Iron Legends color coded with kissing scenes, pictures, pretty scenes, and new characters my couch ate my Post-It flags!

One minute it was on the seat of my couch and the next they just were gone! I had a freak-out, checked everywhere within a foot radius of my couch, and then gave up. Afterwards, my mom had a look and there they were: right under my couch. I checked there three times. But I then got to finish violating my book. Nice day right? But then that would get really stalker-ish. But it was amazing! SO good. The only thing I hated was how short it was.

Adore her books! Meghan has to travel to the Winter Court with Ash for some reason or other, naturally they have to fight bad guys on their journey and angst about their oh so fragile feelings for each other. Meghan was so blah — all she did was think about how much she wuved Ash even when he was treating her like shit.

Of course, he claims to only treat her like dirt to protect her… puhleaze… He was a bastard because he loved being a dick to a sixteen year old girl.

I wish YA heroines would have enough dignity and self respect to not let the plonker heroes piss all over them, even the ones that do stick up for themselves and demand better end up forgiving and forgetting as soon as the hero kisses them and then they just get shat on all over again. I hate Ash, and Meghan just fucks me off because of how much she obsesses over that wanker, Ash.

He was clever, funny and interesting. Anyway, Puck helps Ash steal something from the Summer Court because he owes a favour to some bitch.

Seriously WTF?! Ash was as utterly charmless as ever — he was secretive, selfish and cold. It just showed how little he thought of Meghan.

As blah as Meghan is, she deserves better than a cheating, unemotional fucker like Ash who has the soul of his dead love in him.. The Iron Legacy contains of the three short-stories 1. Well, as Meghan had been again the naiv, slightly foolish little girl, I did not like this one so much. However, I was surprised by the appearance of someone Finally we got see into his head and honestly Nevertheless, of course he made me laugh a lot during these pages. This one was my favourite, because it was really exciting!

Thanks to this I will definitely read the Lost Prince! On top to the short-stories, the German edition has an ultimate travel guide for the Iron Court and a list of all people and places.

That, and the news she carried. All doubts got erased after The Iron Knight anyway. And Meghan has come far. I missed Nevernever. Ich fangirle hier gerade ziemlich peinlich herum :D Das cover finde ich mega und der Name!!


Julie Kagawa

Together at last. Dangerous faeries. Heartbreaking romance. Thrilling action and limitless adventure. The world of the fey has never been so powerful. What a wonderful way to rejoin the world of the Iron Fey! I loved the first four installments in this series, Ash, whilst brooding and mysterious, always has had his intentions clear, Meghan, the human but also faerie queen, and Puck, the always loyal and protective best friend, as well as an equally snarky and sassy fae cat, Grim, made for some fabulous, angsty and fun reading!


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The Iron Legends



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