Email this Article Steve Jobs has been a popular figure in business books lately. First we had The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs which aimed to get us to think differently and gave us some insight into innovation. He delivers the leadership lessons he experienced working alongside Steve Jobs. There is no doubt that Steve Jobs reigns supreme in the worlds of product innovation, brand building, marketing, presenting and leadership. The more he advanced, the simpler his products became.

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William L. And Why? This book is not all about the products because that comes secondary. The actual purpose is to make the reader feel trapped between its limitations and dreams. You are probably wondering why? This book is intended for all those people capable of inner transformation.

His first meeting with Steve Jobs happened in a restaurant. At that meeting, Steve immediately offered him a job, to which Jay accepted that offer. Their cooperation continued over the years where Jay even became a Senior Vice-President. What happened then?

Wozniak was known for his immense love of advanced technology and computers which impressed Jobs, who somehow sensed that perhaps he had finally found his perfect soul mate. After a few years of working on separate projects, Jobs and Wozniak became long-term partners and founders of one start-up company — Apple Computer Inc, the company developed over the years reaching unimaginable heights of success.

For instance, Wozniak had a lack of knowledge in entrepreneurship, but Jobs, on the other hand, had plenty. Miraculously Steve Jobs was able to convince Intel about the seriousness of this project and the long-term mutual benefits that would follow if they receive those chips freely. In the 21st century, all of the advanced computers and technologies have a specific version of the mouse-driven graphical user interface that Wozniak and Jobs developed and perfected.

The clear vision and excellent spirit behind all Macintosh computers , sophisticated iPods, iPhones, iPads transformed Jobs into a real American technological genius. Just before Steve Jobs passed away and left his legacy with the customers, his biography was written. This personal biography was relatively different than the ones we know.

It was written by William L. Simon and Jay Elliot, people who knew Jobs personally. The story of a real modern hero. Enriched with all of his corporate achievements, attention to details and unique approach to life as a real leader. The biography comes recommended for all of those people who feel ready to ignite that entrepreneurship spirit — burning inside. Improve user experience 2.

The power of team energy and mutual trust 3. Be a Man of principle Improve user experience Jobs always strived for one thing- the best user experience and feedback. That vision drove him in every creation that he and Wozniak made during their cooperation time. He pointed out that Macintosh can provide the users with much more possibilities which can lead to a better overall user experience. For the same reason, Steve insisted that the engineers should remove the cooling fan, which sounded too bad and caused a distraction.

The power of team energy and mutual trust Jobs regularly spoke about the power of synergy and mutual trust. Sometimes even during the development process in the company, Jobs referred to his Mac engineers as his most trusted associates. Not the Navy. If you are not satisfied with no for an answer, your engineers will have no other option than to deliver you the technology product that you require.

Seek for new opportunities, hire talented people and transform your reality in short time. Like this summary?

Written in an engaging way, we assure you, that you cannot find more reliable info about Steve Jobs. Learn more and more, in the speed that the world demands. Take this summary with you and read anywhere!

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Book Review: The Steve Jobs Way, iLeadership for a New Generation

Speaking of success, Steve Jobs is one of the exemplary figures. As adopted children who drop out of college, he made Apple into the most profitable companies in the world. Though in his youth, he had to collect a lot of bottles of coke only in exchange for food. He was also sleeping passengers in boarding friends, even the giant Apple itself he started only from an empty garage. And what are the principles of the life of Steve Jobs that we can learn to be successful in everything we do? Learning from the success of Steve Jobs Through this ebook, you can find out what is the secret behind the success of Steve Jobs.


What if you could read 3 books per day?



The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership for a New Generation (Unabridged)



The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership for a New Generation


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