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Model highlights T00 1. Optional features include front door, removable side panels, and side to side joining of multiple racks into suites. Optional ruggedized rack feature provides added earthquake protection with modular rear brace, concrete floor bolt down hardware, and bolt-in steel front filler panels. Available in standard black or optional white color.

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Fekus For OEM equipment the customer must provide an applicable DC power cable and associated pluggable circuit breaker. Initial Rack Content Specify: Weight distribution areas cannot overlap with adjacent computer equipment weight distribution areas.

Indicator or rack space utilization Attributes required: Design a listing with descriptive and enticing copy points 4. Use of this feature will affect the routing of the obm. A one meter cat5 Ethernet cable, double sided velcro tape, two tie-wraps, and screw with wall anchor for mounting. Rack suite attachment kits are intended for joining two racks of equal height.

As an example, feature code weighs approximately 45 kg lbs so the new Maximum Weight of Drawers the rack can support in a zone 4 earthquake environment is kg lbs. The PDU supports up to 48 amps. These are generally not easily accessed and therefore IBM does not generally recommend their use.

We do the work. The PDP comes with a series of power connectors built into its rear bulkhead. Power connection for a or PDU Attributes required: Rack specifications provide detailed information for your rack, including dimensions, electrical, power, temperature, environment, and service clearances. Exactly one feature selection from the set and through must be included on all initial rack orders. Locking hardware for rack doors and side panels Attributes required: Feature and two or more cables.

It also includes two sliding bars that mount inside the left and right rack side panels. Both Front Door For 1.

Initial Rack order shipped without rack mount drawers. Indicator of rack space utilization Minimum required: Does not apply Return parts MES: Order this product by phone G Does not apply Rack Indicator, Rack 6 When added to an initial rack order, this indicator is used to specify the sixth rack for a multi-rack order. IBM rack with 1U available Minimum required: The rack drawer mounting area is centered relative to the two sides of the rack, which provides ample room to route cables within the frame on both the left and right sides.

Rack space utilization Attributes required: Track my order s. If this is done, the bolts and spacers will function correctly, but the trim pieces are not designed for use with uneven rack heights. Sell4U makes selling on eBay easy.

The feature includes a large steel brace or truss that bolts into the rear of the rack. Each section has one 1 amp circuit breaker and eight 5 amp circuit breakers. There are numerous anchor points formed into the frame where cables can be tied down for strain relief.

The front trim kit consists of steel parts that snap into the front of the rack at the left, right, and top kbm. The feature is bolted to the top of a T00 rack and adds about 6. Answer email and telephone inquiries about your item 8. Individual drawers must also be ordered with the volts DC im Front door Attributes required: They are painted to match the overall rack color and present an attractive appearance. See feature EPTH for horizontal mounting hardware. No Front Door For 1.

Rear brace, bolt down hardware, bolt in front filler panels t00 required: Servers device on-site support. No max OS level required: The doors add approximately mm 15 in. Most 10 Related.


IBM 7014-T00 rack Specs

Grogor T00, T42, and rack weight distribution and floor loading No Ruggedized Rack Feature For enhanced rigidity and stability of the rack, the optional Ruggedized Rack Feature provides additional hardware that reinforces the rack and anchors it to the floor. Indicator of rack space utilization Attributes required: Does not apply Note: No Rack Indicator, Rack 1 When added to an initial rack order, this indicator is used to specify the first rack for a multi-rack order, or the only rack for a single rack order. Space for two modems Attributes required: Free online remote support for IT devices. If one or more racks are ordered, all drawers in that multisystem order must be mounted in those racks. The door is steel and has an extensive perforation pattern that allows ventilation and some visibility into the rack. Custom software and configuration of customer software per customer specification is available. No Feature exchanges Not available.


Lenovo - 7014-T00 - Rack 1,8m 36U refurb

Each horizontally mounted PDU occupies 1U of space in the rack, and therefore reduces the space available for mounting servers and other components. When purchased as an MES for addition to a rack in the field. Models and MMA are not compatible with the trim kbm. Initial Language Group Specify — Russian Russian language group for nomenclature and standard publications. Without this hardware, the unsupported end of the PDU will rest on the hardware mounted immediately below it. When is ordered, the power cord includes a waterproof connector.


IBM 7014-T00 7014 36U Rack


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