Other titles: Limitation, Restraint, Regulations, Articulating, Receipt, Restraining, Containment Judgment Legge:Restrictive Regulations bring progress and success, but if they are severe and difficult they cannot be permanent. Galling limitation must not be persevered in. Blofeld:Restraint -- success! It is wrong to persist in harsh restraint. Liu: Limitation.

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Therefore follows limitation. Limitation portrays how you can access an inexhaustible source within and yet, are able to give each experience definition. There is a danger that these definitions can come to limit your ability to grow.

Somewhere in the middle is a perspective that respects limitations as necessary for developing structure, definition and agreements. However, we must not assume we can classify an idea and put it away forever. Nature is about change and our path will always be about change. The process of adaptation demonstrates how limitations force creatures to harmonize with a changing world. Opportunistic adaptation appears in the Yellow Jacket variety of wasps, which have come to resemble honeybees.

Once their insect diet disappears in late summer, they often raid honeycombs to feed their appetite for sweets. Ravens too, have developed an opportunistic relationship with wolves. They will cry out to alert wolves to potential prey, so that they too, can eat.

Limitations activate the adaptive response, which transformed the scales of some dinosaurs into feathers. We tend to associate feathers with flight, although there are many birds that do not fly. While flight does aid survival, feathers developed as an evolved way of regulating body heat.

Many reptiles still rely on shade and the warmth of the sun to adjust their temperature. The power of nature reveals how limitations drive the engine of evolution. Although you may grow frustrated with restrictions, limitations not only make you stronger, they also shape your forward growth.

The farmer complained to the neighbor on several occasions, although the situation never changed. In great frustration, he sought the advice of a judge who told the farmer that he could solve his problem, but only if the farmer promised to do what he suggested. The farmer agreed, but the judge told him to give the neighbor two of his best sheep!

The farmer was outraged. Since he was a man of his word, he returned home and offered his neighbor two of his best sheep. The neighbor received this unexpected gift with suspicion. Knowing that the farmer was a man of his word, he thanked him and assumed that it was in return for his incessant complaining. The next morning, the farmer expected to find the usual broken fence and missing sheep, but all was well on his farm.

Because the neighbor now had sheep to protect, he had built a fine enclosure for his hunting dogs. The imbalance needs to be addressed. To harmonize with the changes, a shift in perspective makes what appears difficult, easy.

Do not approach limitations as barriers, but see them as a springboard for discovery and innovation. Nature uses limitations as a creative treasure trove to explore endless variations. Accessing the power of nature, you can rise to meet each challenge with the same innovative vision of growth. Although you may find yourself in an environment of limitations, recognize how you might develop a side of you that remains unexplored. Just as your environment develops new characteristics within you, your limitations will always be intrinsically tied to the development of your strengths.

When Limitations appears in its unchanging form the message is that the situation will not correct itself until a healthy respect for boundaries is acknowledged. If you have a disagreement with someone, guidelines and clear communication can address it. Ensure that everyone understands exactly what is being agreed upon to avoid further conflict. You may need to set boundaries in your relationships so that your own needs are being addressed.

You will face a period of Limitation because you may need to develop clearer focus. In business, you need an actionable business plan. In relation to health you may need to enact more discipline if you are not moderate or exercising. Limitations allows you to achieve more and to stay healthy and balanced. Changes to 29 Abyss. In this situation Limitations are explored because someone feels it may be dangerous to proceed without them. Not going out of the door shows a type of retreat that allows you to fortify a clear plan of action.

When disorder appears, words can lead to order. Maintain your silence until you can approach the situation with an objective plan that serves all parties.

The Abyss teaches us to relinquish control so you may need to give someone the space to establish their own boundaries. Changes to 3 Difficult Beginnings. The time calls for action not retreat or hiding. Difficult Beginnings shows a type of fear when meeting a challenge, however all new endeavors can be challenging. By limiting yourself too much you miss important opportunities. Changes to 5 Waiting. Because you do not understand why Limitations have been thrust upon you, you may be feeling disenchanted.

Because boundaries or limits are not being respected others can feel invaded or threatened. Step back and allow the situation to develop before making any assumptions. A period of Waiting is required to understand how to approach the Limitations you face.

Changes to 58 Joy. Sometimes the pursuit of joy or pleasure leads us to abandon any sense of limitations. Overdoing and extravagance always leads us to a place of scarcity. However, enjoying oneself while clearly aware of a need for Limitation allows for a sense of abundance that is enduring. Being content with limitations not only allows you to experience more but also ensures that stability endures. When you are content with the Limitations you do not waste energy and are able to achieve great things.

You understand completely that everything is unfolding exactly as it should. The path to Joy requires that you understand the saying: those who follow find contentment. Change to 19 Approach. The best teacher knows that they must teach by example even if nobody follows you initially. Operating within limitations with a sense of discipline is a way to show others that limitations are the breeding ground for success.

In this situation the limitations are pleasantly accepted and all are in accord. Approach is a message about being an example to others so that our skills are sought out. Going shows the effort of moving forward as opposed to coming which shows retreat. Changes to 61 Inner Truth. You may need to look deeper into this situation to explore whether it is a good fit.

Limitations and discipline which are too severe or too restrictive cannot be maintained over the long haul. There is a fine line between how Limitation can lead to success and how it can create resentment. Sometimes we can be pushed too far and the limitations imposed upon us force us to re-evaluate what we are doing. Even if you have to give up and move on, over time any disappointment will fade away. If you have the opportunity to stop being demanding or to lighten up, take it.


I Ching Hexagram #60:

Print Archetype Limitations But now more than ever the word about Jesus spread abroad; many crowds would gather to hear him and to be cured of their diseases. But he would withdraw to deserted places and pray. Everywhere he goes, people need healing, feeding, comforting, loving, caring, and forgiving. But Jesus understands that he must put limitations on what he can do. He frequently goes off alone to meditate, pray, and renew his relationship with God.


Interpreting The I Ching - Hexagram 60 Chieh

Therefore follows limitation. Limitation portrays how you can access an inexhaustible source within and yet, are able to give each experience definition. There is a danger that these definitions can come to limit your ability to grow. Somewhere in the middle is a perspective that respects limitations as necessary for developing structure, definition and agreements.

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