Progressive-compatible U. Incorporating new technology in the lens, camera section and recorder section, this compact unit offers a level of performance that approaches full-size, shoulder-type broadcasting camera recorders. Ultra Luminance Technology 3MOS image sensor, it enables high-quality recording of Full-HD x , 10 bit, full sample broadcast-level images. In addition to covering a wide range, from wide-angle to telephoto, the lens is provided with three rings - a cam-type zoom ring, a focus ring and an iris ring - for the same kind of manual operation that you get with interchangeable lenses. Together with HD SDI output, this provides smooth operation in a live relay and recording system for multi-camera broadcasting and production work. A variable frame rate VFR function for slow-motion and quick-motion images, and a cine-like gamma setting also bring versatile expression to all kinds of image production.

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For details, see page Page 3: Contents Contents Volume 1 Read this first! Page 4 Contents continued Volume 2 Shooting Self-portrait shooting Page 5 Entering the user bits Page 14 Basic shooting operations continued P2 card recording times Splitting clips recorded on P2 cards This camera-recorder will automatically generate Page 18 Using the zoom function This camera-recorder has a 22 x optical zoom On the remote control function.

Page 19 Digital zoom function Assign the D. Page 23 Using progressive mode and VFR recording function Standard speed for film production Shooting Screen production normally requires a 24 fps Page 25 Undercranking effects Shooting This effect produces the quick motion often used for showing clouds drifting across the sky, crowds of Page 27 Flow effect shooting This way of shooting provides a flow effect and Shooting may, for instance, be used to shoot Page 28 Shooting in manual mode Set the unit to manual mode when manually Temporarily switching to auto focus adjusting the Page 30 Shooting in manual mode continued Iris adjustments Adjusting the gain When the display is dark, increase the gain to Page 31 Using super gain You can increase the gain level further when Shooting shooting in dark space.

Page 33 7 The adjustment will take effect in a few Setting auto tracking white balance ATW This camera-recorder is equipped with Page 36 Shooting techniques for different targets continued Center marker display Checking and displaying shooting A center marker is displayed when Page 41 You can allocate the selected function to Page 41 2-slot continuous recording Shot mark function If you insert two P2 cards into the two card slots, The marks attached This function records a single You can Page 54 Switching audio input continued Adjusting the recording level 3 While checking the audio channel level meter in the display Page 59 To title a file 1 Perform steps 1 to 5.

Shooting 2 Set the filename with 8 characters by using Page 60 Using scene files Scene File Data continued Configuration of setup data files This camera makes it possible to save Page 61 Using time data The camera-recorder provides time data such as Time data overview time codes, user bits, time of day Page 63 Entering the user bits 3 Use Operation lever to set the user bits. The user bits allow information, including memos Page 64 Using time data continued Frame rate information recorded in user bits i, i, i mode The frame rate value Page 68 Using time data continued To externally lock the time code Setting the user bits when the time code is While holding down the lock release button, turn the Page 75 Thumbnail operations A clip is a data group that includes the images and voices created from one shooting session, together Page 77 Thumbnail screen 1.

Display Mode The type of the thumbnail indicated on the The thumbnail screen is displayed on Page 78 Thumbnail operations continued 2. Slot numbers and HDD status 8. Clip Number This section indicates on which P2 card Page 79 Selecting thumbnails Playing back clips Multiple thumbnails can be randomly selected in the thumbnail screen.

The display can be switched so that Page 82 Thumbnail operations continued Shot mark Text memo A shot mark can be added to a clip thumbnail to During Page 83 Playing back a clip at the position 4 With the pointer at the bottom, push the where a text memo Page 84 Thumbnail operations continued Using a text memo to break a clip and Deleting clips copy the necessary portion Page 85 Restoring clips Reconnection of incomplete clips Restores clips that are defective as a result of Incomplete clips may be generated Page 87 Setting of clip meta data During display of names of metadata, push Information such as the name of person who Page 92 Thumbnail operations continued Formatting SD memory cards Setting the thumbnail display mode SD memory cards can also be formatted Page 94 Thumbnail operations continued 4.

Clip Information Modification of recorded clip metadata Displays detailed information about the clip. Page 96 Thumbnail operations continued Contents of P2 card status display 3. Total used memory capacity for all slots 1 2 Displays the total used memory capacity Page 98 Thumbnail operations continued SD memory card status display The status display enables a confirmation of the SD memory card Page 99 Useful playback functions Variable speed search Slow playback This function enables you to change the playback During play, press one Page Editing Connecting external units Headphones Playback 3.

Page Digital video equipment Dubbing Other Digital video equipment cable optional 6-pin Editing Connect one of these cables to the Page 1. Not enough space left on the hard disk. There is not enough space on the connected hard Page Displays Screen displays Viewfinder screen status displays Selecting viewfinder display In addition to video, the viewfinder or LCD monitor information Page Screen displays 33 32 31 30 29 28 1 TC 12 : 34 : 56 : 23 12 1 Page Screen displays continued 26 Image stabilization display 31 Media remaining memory display This is displayed when the OIS button Items 1 to 3 below are provided A subscreen provides Page Updating the firmware incorporated into the unit Checking the current version of the firmware using the unit and performing Page Cleaning When cleaning, do not use benzene or thinner.

Page Storage precautions Before storing the camera-recorder, remove the P2 cards battery. Page How to handle data recorded on P2 cards The P2 card is a semiconductor memory card that is used as Page Information on software for this product 1.

Page Index Numeric Cine-like gamma


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Panasonic P2HD AG-HPX250 Manual


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