Instead of recording another multifaceted album like My Point of View, he explored a Latin-inflected variation of post-bop with a small quartet. Hancock has created an improvisational atmosphere where the rhythms are fluid and the chords, harmonies, and melodies are unexpected. The result is risky, unpredictable music that is intensely cerebral and quite satisfying. Inventions and Dimensions displays his willingness to experiment and illustrates that his playing is reaching new, idiosyncratic heights. This session is one of the most spontaneous jazz dates ever recorded. On this date, I told the musicians not to assume anything except for a few rules I set for each piece, and every time, those rules were different.

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Doukora How do you verify perhaps the most difficult part of the music- the melodic rhythms? Check out this track from These broke very often and I needed transcriptios lot of replacement tines within the 1st 2 years of ownership. This was most evident Sunday. In one section he did some really nice things with a vocoder. This would mean he had the same piano for sextant crossings mwandisihi and headhunters and thrust, then for manchild, sunlight, and secrets, then another new one for feets dont fail, monster, etc They come through my intuition while on a bandstand.

The rhythm is critical I suppose it counts as a prototype if he had it modified to have the effects loop jacks before they were added to the production model.

Nice of you to share your stuff here with all of of us. I have played with a very large number of equally diversified musicians over my career. Rhythm is greatly understudied in my opinion.

There are many factors at play, not least the musician playing it plus the Harrison console used to record an album like Sunlight, but surely that particular Rhodes that Herbie used must still be one of the best sounding in the world.

The key to all Herbie solos or any other legendary jazz pianist, for that matter is that not only do you have to find the notes, you have to nail the feel and the dynamics, the phrasing too. A berbie grasp of rhythm is a prerequisite for playing the way HH does. You are not logged in. Page 3 of 3. I think studying classical and then applying the interval training really helps.

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Herbie Hancock Voicing



Inventions & Dimensions


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