Learn how and when to remove this template message Bugliosi condemned the U. Gore case that decided the presidential election. Some of his criticisms were depicted in the documentary Orwell Rolls in His Grave. He also believed that George W. Bush should have been charged with the murders of the thousands of American soldiers who died in the Invasion of Iraq , because of his belief that Bush launched the invasion under false pretenses.

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You crazy F expletive has been deleted because for some crazy reason Ive got a bunch of kids following my reviews R!!! How are you going to get the establishment?

You cant sing to them. I tried that. I tried to save them, but they wouldnt listen. Now we got to destroy them. There are still bodies missing and murders that fit the profile of The Family that were never proven for lack of evidence. For the prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi, the goal was to get Charlie Manson, along with his most fervent followers, out of circulation for a long, long time.

From moment one he felt the strain of making a misstep that would give the judge or jury reasonable doubt. The most famous of these murders were the five people killed in, what is referred to as, The Tate Murders.

The murder case was named for the wife of famed director Roman Polanski. Sharon Tate was not only brutally murdered, but was also eight months pregnant. It changes the score, right? Bugliosi, who wrote this book, does a wonderful job laying out the evidence and also explaining our legal system pitfalls. The crimes themselves, though interesting in a ghoulish, shiver inducing way, are in a sense immaterial when compared to the feral genius of Charlie Manson.

He was a career inmate. He purposely committed crimes with the highest federal punishment for instance like stealing the US Mail which has mandatory sentencing much higher than say stealing cars to make sure he stayed in jail longer. When he was released from the prison for the last time, he begged the warden to let him stay. It only makes sense that he would create his own reality. He had a man by the name of Paul Watkins, who was a good looking lad, who would hang around areas where high school girls would be and recruit them into The Family.

There was no end of young women from middle class families who had runaway from their families or wanted to. Manson offered them a haven in the desert. Paul Watkins, the pretty boy girl recruiter. He would interview them, discovering that generally they had Daddy issues, and exploit their resentments against their parents. All he was offering was freedom and free love and plenty of drugs, but in reality he was breaking them down so that they would do what he wanted without question.

He would first have sex with them. Then, have them have sex with a woman. It is all part of being free. Then, they would over time have sex with all the men in the group.

He would organize orgies in which they had to participate or face excommunication from the group. By this time, he had shattered the pillar of their moral compass and now had fresh clay to build them back up into who he needed them to be. The transformation from who they were to who he made them was truly disheartening and frightening to witness. The Manson girls look just like the girls we all went to highschool with. So the question is, how did he turn them into killers?

These girls came from very sheltered existences. He thought The Beatles were giving him specific instructions of what had to go down. Helter Skelter, which is the name of one of the songs on the album, became the defining words of the new world he hoped to create. When he sent his minions out to kill the people at the Tate residency, he was hoping to start a war. He wanted to leave evidence that black people were killing white people, and then they would kill each other. The Black connections they were hoping to make were pathetically attempted, and at no time did the police think the Black Panthers or some other armed black resistance were behind the murders.

The only whites who were going to survive this racial war were those living in the desert with Charlie Manson. How do you get people to believe this stuff? Charlie had no idea what love was.

It really is. He wanted to instill fear. He wanted to destroy the world. He wanted people to pay for the shambles of his own life. People have made comparisons between the mesmerizing abilities of Adolf Hitler and Charlie Manson. They were both small men with large ideas about who they should be.

They could both convince people to do things that any rational person should reject. Neither one of them respected life. At times Manson had hundreds of followers, a small army of potential assassins. All he had to do was say the word.

They all wanted to make Charlie happy, and underlying all the love they felt for him was a real fear of the consequences of disappointing him.

It is scary to think about how easily Manson gained control of these young people. Could another Manson come along? Will they find followers? This book was thoughtful and well researched and certainly proved to be a page turner for me, sometimes deep into the heart of darkness.


Helter Skelter

MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List It was so quiet, one of the killers would later say, you could almost hear the sound of ice rattling in cocktail shakers in the homes way down in the canyon. The canyons above Hollywood and Beverly Hills play tricks with sounds A noise clearly audible a mile away may be indistinguishable at a few hundred feet. It was hot that night. Before the sun rose on August 9, in Bel Air at Cielo Drive five people lay horrifically and brutally slain Some would say that since one of the victims was in the final stages of pregnancy that the actual count was six What was not in doubt was that Cielo Drive looked like a human slaughterhouse On the front door, written in the blood of one of the victims later determined to be that of Sharon Tate was the word Pig The Los Angeles Police Department found no evidence of sexual molestation or mutilation There were no indications of ransacking or robbery No apparent motive could be found. The following night of August 10, two victims were found at Waverly Drive, both brutally slaughtered Writing in blood appeared in three places on the living room wall were the words Death to Pigs , to the left of the front door was the single word Rise and on the refrigerator were the two words Healter Skelter , the first of which was clearly misspelled No obvious motive presented itself to detectives. There had been a previous single victim of a similar vicious attack on July 31, on Old Topanga Road in Malibu One Gary Hinman, a thirty four year old music teacher had been found stabbed to death On the wall in the living room, not far from Hinman s body, were the words Political Piggy printed in the victim s blood In this case, officers from the Los Angeles Sheriff s Office, had a suspect in custody One Bobby Beausoleil, a young hippie musician, had been caught driving a car belonging to Hinman with blood on his shirt and trousers Since this arrest had occurred on August 6, he was in custody during the perpetration of the other two crimes, however it was possible that he had not acted alone He had been living at an old movie ranch with a bunch of other hippies Their leader, a guy named Charlie had apparently convinced them all that he was Jesus Christ Despite the obvious similarities in these crimes it would be months before the LAPD acknowledged there was a connection. On November 18, Vincent Bugliosi, age thirty five was handed the job of prosecuting the perpetrators of the slayings at Cielo and Waverly Drive.


Vincent Bugliosi



Helter Skelter (book)



Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders


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