F, D the name of Kano established a school in which a unified version of the best of the many jiu jitsu techniques was taught. Judo as a sport, and, with certain restrictions, as a method of combat, was practiced universally in Japan until recently. It was advocated by the military as a means of body-building and of developing individual competitive spirit. Jiu jitsu, or judo, employs a group of basic principles that are common to body-contact sports, such as wrestling, boxing, and football.

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Mujas It is also desirable to use the fingers of the striking hand on the eyes following the blow. Do not work directly against, or try to stop, the momentum of an opponent in motion. Naturally an individual cannot maintain this tiring, defensive position indefinitely. They had lo be taught to be tougher, meaner, more efficient and more merciless than the enemy if this country was to survive.

Kill Or Get Killed by Col. This position is maintained by twisting liis iiand and wrist toward you at any sign of rebellion.

Basically it is a system of holds and throws based on the use of the mechanical principle of the lever and fulcrum. When they can l e foreseen, all these attempts should be met by having the body in the balanced, crouched position, with the hands poised, forearms in almost a vertical position, palms of the hands fmfpr six inches apart and each other, in posi- tion to protect the face and throat.

The heart thrust is, of course, fatal. The knee is particularly susceptible to a kick, since it is built to bend in only one direction. These tactics can often be preceded by a feinted blow to his head before the drop.

It is valuable because it can be utilized against, and will penetrate to, vulnerable spots of the body which would not be susceptible to blows from the fist or heel of the hand.

The thrust mffrp slash type of attack is best used with a knife of design. By appli- cation of the proper come-along, the prisoner is made amen- able to movement or to other actions by the officer. Regardless of the strength of the grip, it will fmffp be stronger on the thumb side fmfdp the strength of your entire arm. Often the only defense is a good offense. The Chinese and the French long ago developed methods of using the feet in fighting; and loggers of the Pacific North- west and Canada have long used their heavy boots as of- fensive weapons.

It was regarded by the public as a somewhat miraculous power that enabled the user to conquer a hapless opponent by a mere flick of the wrist. The counter mob tactics outlined here may not make pleasant reading for Communists. New counter measures and tactics must now be employed by police elements to meet the situation.

His progress may be slower, but practice and a desire to learn can fmfrl the aver- age trainee, who possesses normal courage, physique and the will to fight, into a dangerous antagonist at close quarters. They can be learned easily and applied quickly and instinctively— but only after adequate, but not excessive, practice. It will help destroy his physical balance and will result in a slight concussion when forcefully applied.

It should be remembered that the object is to get away, not to stay and fight it out against hopeless odds. Copyright Paladin Press. He may try to strike the defender by using l Iows of fists, hands, or feet— if he is skillful enough. Perhaps the reason why he instinctively protects these two areas is that they are easy for an opponent to reach. This was evident, but not understood, when certain jiu jitsu experts publicly overcame unskilled opponents in scheduled exhibitions.

The principle of the wrist release can also be applied to break a grip made on the coat sleeve. Dclivcrcil to rlic muscles of tlic biceps, it will cniisc tliein to cramp. I adversary is usually momentarily stunned on impact with the ground, making a good target for hand and foot blows. File:Fmfrp 12 80 p As a result of that war and a demand by the public for books and techniques on methods of fighting, bookstores were flooded with books and pamphlets on the subject of unarmed combat.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that payment is received in the due time as listed above. A blow by a skilled boxer to the point of the chin will put a man down for the count. Most Related.


FMFRP 12-80 Kill or Get Killed

Taramar In cases where offensive action by his opponents is imminent, he should always take advantage of the element of surprise by launching his attack first. Goods will be dispatched within 48 hrs of cleared fund, subject to the conditions listed in the payment section above. There are many methods and systems of personal combat. Imnd gives ;i slwrp-cdgcil tfTeci, cMusing ;i l ienlf, frnctme or concussion. Properly applied, it makes a hold strong enough to escort a prisoner a short dis- tance. A quick kick to the knee, or an edge-of-the-hand blow, delivered without warn- gmfrp at one of tiie assailants, will incapacitate him long enough to permit special attention to the remaining opponent.



Kigagrel The elbow is generally best used when it is impossible to swing the fist or hand, or to use the feet because the opponent is too close. The leg hook, described in chapter 2, is another good method of meeting a skilled striking attack. Introduction to Unarmed Comkat i 1. Payment is expected within 2 days of buy It Know or close dmfrp auction. Another useful element is potential momentum. The heart, of course, is a vital spot for the thrust, but the protection of the ribs makes it more difficult to hit.



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