The book begins with an explanatory note detailing the discovery of these papers. Plot summary[ edit ] At the start of the novel, Flashman leaves Calcutta before the wrath of a cuckolded husband can find him. He proceeds to South Africa, where by a chance meeting he reunites with John Charity Spring whom he had worked for as a slaver in Flash for Freedom! Spring uses his daughter, Miranda, and her feminine wiles to have Flashman drugged and sent to the United States, where charges against his old aliases still exist. Flashman manages to avoid the authorities, but Crixus one of the chiefs of the Underground Railroad from Flash for Freedom! They also want Flashman to help Brown, but in order to start a civil war.

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Shelves: fiction Not my favorite Flashman book. Its often entertaining, with the funny and creative turns of phrase that Ive come to expect, but perhaps my familiarity with this chapter in history dampened my interest compared with some of the more exotic events chronicled in previous volumes. If youre thinking to yourself, What was Harpers Ferry again?

Not my favorite Flashman book. He ends up in America, where not one, not two, but THREE different groups respectively pay, strongarm, or blackmail him into becoming the second-in-command to abolitionist John Brown. Brown is in the midst of planning for Once again, the unquenchable Flashman is off on a mad, bad, and totally unintentional adventure.

Well, history takes its course and the raid of course does happen, but along the way Flashy manages to bed a number of women, escape by the skin of his teeth more than once, encounters more than one old enemy, and comes out smelling like a rose, as usual. As always, the history is top-notch, the characters cleverly drawn, and the adventures harum-scarum.

However, Flash is a bit more mellow in this one than in others, and seems to actually feel a bit fondness for "old J. As a bonus, the story is bracketed by scenes of Flash with his grandchildren: Augustus "young gallows Flashman is his usual selfreckless, blind to the idea that a woman might have any agenda of her own beyond being sexually satisfied by him, cowardly, ingenious at executing escapes, a master bluffer, a seasoned philosopher by this point into his tenth decade , a liar, bigot, scoundrel, poltroon As always, GMF squares Flashmans account of the historical events of USA One of my favourites in the series, if only for the return of various characters from earlier volumes.

Flashman is a reprehensible cad, and superbly fun to read about. That Fraser never got chance or around to write it, is of course one of the great disappointments for fans of the papers. Indeed when I first read the book I think I spent quite a lot of time wishing he was writing about my preferred topic, my mood not being improved by the constant references to the great lost beast of the Flashman papers.

The inclusion of At the time of publication a Flashman fanatics idea of an American adventure was of course his involvement in the American Civil War. As it is, Flashman and the Angel of the Lord is one of the lesser instalments but still worth reading. The problems with the plot are two fold: firstly it feels initially like a retread of Flash for Freedom in the same way as The Road to Charing Cross - the novella at the start of Flashman and the Tiger - feels like a rehash of Royal Flash at times.

Secondly the story sags when Flashman meets up with John Brown. Mainly because Brown dawdled so before attacking Harpers Ferry and as entertaining a correspondent as Flash is, well there is a lot of sitting about. Given that he spend the majority of the novel trapped he behaves pretty much to his character. Likewise, Joe Simmons is the most complicated -- if not the most dangerous of villains -- that Flashman has faced, and has the readers sympathy.

This makes the book far more of a group ensemble than the usual instalment and in the John Brown part of the novel Flashman is almost a detached narrator at times, which I think is unique in the Papers.

This has its upsides, the aftermath of the Ferry debacle is expertly done and earlier in the book his description of the women of New York a social essay rather than his usual carnal prose makes you want to explore this forgotten aspect of history. Overall, one for the hardened Flashy fan and should be read in either chronological or publication order. Not a place to start for a new reader to the Flashman papers.


Flashman and the Angel of the Lord

He also lusted after but never bedded : Fanny Duberly , a famous army wife. Angela Burdett-Coutts , who became the richest woman in England in her twenties. After a single bedding to satisfy joint lust, she and Flashman achieve a state of mutual dislike. Elspeth Rennie Morrison, his wife. Fetnab, a dancing girl Flashy bought in Calcutta Flashman to teach him Hindustani, Hindi culture and purportedly ninety-seven ways of love making. Sold to a major in the artillery when Flashman is posted to Afghanistan.


Harry Flashman




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