Yohn For those with children this will be very 8 obvious at the time the child begins speaking. As a child we are all intimately tied with this being and indeed it makes up a large part of our early personality. Barbara Hero at The International Lambdoma Research Institute passed sound waves through each organ and calculated their optimal frequency using mathematical formulas based on the speed of sound. It is a constant sexual play where the Female Material Substance yearns to be molded by the Male Consciousness and the Male yearns to enter the Female and mold her substance into form.

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Metaphysics and alchemy go hand-in-hand as to study metaphysics you need to begin alchemical processes to awaken your senses to multi-dimensional phenomena and to succeed in Alchemical Transformation you require some metaphysical understanding. Induces the deepest states of meditation possible through the use of cutting-edge Brainwave Entrainment Technology. Twelve levels taking you steadily deeper into your subconscious and releasing negative emotional and mental imprints.

This leads to true freedom from past conditioning and the possibility of a real spiritual incarnation. This technology can be used with any spiritual or meditation technique, making them easier and more powerful. It gives you easy access to the states of consciousness necessary for spiritual transformation.

Learn More Free Demo Cultivate Your Sexual Energy Learn to control your sexual energy, raise it into the body, recirculate it and experience full-body orgasms.

These practices revitalize you entire body like nothing else, in particular the internal organs and brain. Only when the sexual energy stops being lost through ejaculation for males or menstruation for females can full-body orgasms and a constant flow of sexual energy throughout the body be achieved.

Learn More Remember Your Past Lives The regression technique available here takes the participant into the inner space of the third eye where it becomes possible to delve deeply into the subconscious. It is then possible to easily find and release emotional scars from this life and past lives. These emotional scars are the roots of all mental and emotional conditioning and form the basis of the earthly ego.

The technique cultivates the third eye which is vital for navigating and exploring through various dimensions of yourself and the Universe. If you desire first hand spiritual experience this technique will give it to you. This light body is the vehicle of higher consciousness which is used to traverse between dimensions and incarnate into various bodies in the material realms. It includes certain structures of light including the Column, the Chakras and the Merkaba.

Learn More Generation Indigo For the past years the children being born have been increasingly expressive of a new type of energy which shows up in their aura as an increased amount of the color indigo. Thirty years ago few were born with this new energy but this has steadily expanded to now where every new baby is an Indigo Child. This new energy is one of a high vibration and has caused the nature of children worldwide to change and has been affecting all who live on Earth. They wanted to find the core of the martial arts and the fastest, most effective way of training internal power.

It took them ten years to condense their knowledge and to create the system. They then trained an orphan boy for ten years in this new way and he condensed the system further. Since then this system has been totally secret Until Now! What are their effects and how can they be properly cleared. There is a lot of misinformation out there about entities and proper clearing methods. This small website explains what they are, how they function and how they can be removed.

Just as the alchemists had specific processes to transform lead into gold, the yogis had specific processes, or techniques, to transform the individual Unfortunately much of this ancient knowledge has been forgotten or ignored and most yoga today has become focused on the physical body.

Learn this ancient knowledge… specific techniques for specific chakras.


Ethan Vorly Multi Dimensional Being

The states of consciousness easily achieved, even for the novice are actually deeper than very experienced meditators can achieve without this technology. Brainwave entrainment represents a revolution in personal and spiritual growth. I must admit that I was shocked at the power of them. As soon as I turned it on my mind suddenly felt clear. The constant thoughts that are usually present were suddenly quiet.


Ethan Vorly – The Meditation Solution (12 levels)

The human as well as the Universe is far more complex than scientists would have you believe. As physics is the science of the physical realm and its laws and functions, metaphysics is the science of all realms, their laws and functions. From a metaphysical viewpoint, the physical world that we see before us is the 3rd dimension. There are other physical dimensions ranging from the 1st to the 9th dimensions and then many more above the 9th which are not so much physical dimensions but dimensions of Consciousness and many dimensions below the first which are dimensions of Material. The Material in these lowest dimensions is in a state of fertile chaos and is yet to be formed into physicality.


Experience Deep Meditation

Some of the knowledge contained herein is based on the expectation that a certain metaphysical understanding is already present. Also the practices here are advanced and require a familiarity with the other books. If you have not read them please do so before continuing. The information in this book was channeled from Ra, spokesperson for the Pleaidian Emissaries of Light. The practices for activating the Light Body were received during meditation from Ra and written out in my own words. The reason for the coming work is the Awakening of the human lightbody.

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