Juan Luego, vio a. John Do you know someone with a dramatic testimony? Possessed by seven demons, she was completely hopeless when she met Jesus.

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Listed below are all of the studies we offer in Spanish. This 6-week study, combines some key concepts presented in Be Free!

Living free offers a deeper look at Christian freedom while also identifying five key benefits of the freedom God desires for every believer. Participants will learn how to make prayer a conversation with God by using the words of Scripture. As with all Beth Moore studies, readers will end up with a new understanding of certain spiritual truths to help them experience a permanent change in their lives.

The leader book includes student aid. Through this study you will learn how doubt, fear, and weakness can be great opportunities to experience the power of God in your life. Este curso utiliza actividades que crean comunidad, proveen oportunidades para dialogar acerca de la vida real en el verdadero matrimonio, explorar y aplicar la Palabra de Dios e invitar a los participantes a una jornada riesgosa pero redentora.

Could God use a movie to radically strengthen all the marriages in your church? Do those heading toward divorce need a lifeline? Couples are in crisis inside and outside the church. These 8 group sessions include thought-provoking questions and engaging clips from the Fireproof movie. In life sometimes there are setbacks that cause pain, frustration, and doubt, but learn how the adversities in life can serve to strengthen your faith in Christ. Also, discover the importance of standing firm and living according to Scripture so that lies, pride, bashfulness, or fear do not get in your way of having an intimate relationship with God.

This study will motivate you to be brave and bold for the Lord so that the name of Christ can be exalted above all circumstances. Other Spanish Bible studies:.


Estudios Bíblicos para la Vida



De Domingo A Todos Los Días de la Semana


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