Locke wrote the Letter during the winter of The two serve separate functions, and so, must be considered to be separate institutions. For Locke, the only way a church can gain genuine converts is through persuasion and not through violence. This relates to his central conclusion, namely, that the government should not involve itself in care of souls. Locke argued that those who believed that "faith need not be kept with heretics" and that "kings excommunicated forfeit their kingdoms" had "no right to be tolerated by the magistrate". Neither did "those who refuse to teach that dissenters from their own religion should be tolerated".

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Epistola de tolerantia. Latin and Italian. Italian text also published separately; see Locke Reviews: Cultura popolare. Arata , Storia e politica. Formigari , Sedicesimo. LNL ; M 44, , , , Epistola de tolerantia.

Latin and Japanese. Hirano ]. Latin and Magyar. Latin and Polish. Latin and Spanish. Casalini, Although there is little evidence on the latter point, it is true that it was the Popple translation which was attacked by Proast and others and which was defended by Locke, a point made by James Tully in the introduction to Locke In this sense, it is certainly correct to say that Locke accepted the Letter as his own work. Licensed, Octob. London, printed for Awnsham Churchill , Translated by William Popple ; all the English versions listed below are the Popple translation, unless otherwise noted.

The second edition corrected. London, printed for Awnsham Churchill Written by Mr. Licensed, October 3d, Y 5 54 A letter concerning toleration. By John Locke, gent. The third edition. Boston, printed and sold by Rogers and Fowle Y 6; Evans 55 A letter concerning toleration. By John Locke, Esq; A new edition. Glasgow: printed by R. Urie, M. LVII []. Y 7; J 4; C 99; T 9 56 A letter concerning toleration. By John Locke, Esq; The twelfth [sic] edition corrected. London: printed by R. By John Locke, Gent.

The fourth edition. Wilmington [Delaware], printed and sold by James Adams , Y 9; Evans 58 A letter concerning toleration. By John Locke, Esq. A new edition.

Published for the benefit of mankind. London: printed by J. Osborne and T. Griffin , and J. Mozley, Gainsbrough. Y 10; J 5 59 A letter concerning toleration. A new edition, with alterations. York: printed by Wilson, Spence and Mawman; for T. Wilson and R. Spence Anno See Evans ] Y 13 62 A letter concerning toleration. Huddersfield: printed for the editor, by J. Another issue: Huddersfield: printed and sold by J.

Y 14; J 7, 7a; C 99 63 A letter concerning toleration. Crowder , for J. Johnson Edited by Alexander Campbell. Cockshaw ; Edinburgh : Menzies ; Dublin : Gilpin, London October Also: 2nd ed.



The Second Treatise of Civil Government. In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up. A Letter Concerning Toleration. Be the first to add this to a list. National Library of Australia. Liberty Fund,p.


Epistola de tolerantia. A letter on toleration;



Brief ├╝ber die Toleranz


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