Two years later, the band Taffo is formed, now no longer as a solo by Wander Taffo, but as a band. They record the beautiful CD Rosa Branca. As a guest, Andria goes on tour with the band Ultraje a Rigor. They become the backing band of vocalist Supla ex-Tokyo. After a few shows, the trio decided it was time to invest in their own career. Already by the name of Dr.

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Atualmente toca na banda Dr. Sin, solo, e em projetos paralelos. Com a banda Dr. Em setembro de o Dr. Michael Vescera permaneceu na banda por um ano, fazendo ao lado de Edu Ardanuy, do trio um poderoso quarteto. Currently plays with the band Dr. Sin, soil, and side projects. One of the major milestones of his career was having played with Steve Vai on a show in Rio de Janeiro, being invited by itself due to friendship made with guitarist in a show opening.

Eduardo Ardanuy has an enviable track record. Considered one of the best guitarists in the country, elected by both the public as the best journals, is a model to be followed by both beginners and those who already have some know-how in the world of guitar. Sin band, which is part of today. With Dr. In the same year, in a poll made by Brazilian guitarists and organized by the magazine Guitar Player Brazil has been voted one of the top ten country where guitarists can be checked on the CD produced by Guitar Player magazine, along with other great names of Brazilian guitar.

In September Dr. Sin Dr. Michael Vescera remained in the band for a year, doing next to Edu Ardanuy, the trio a powerful quartet. Returning the original lineup, as Power Trio in , Dr. Sin launched the 1st official video material, a DVD where the band celebrates 10 years of existence, and rock and roll.

After the success of the covers album Listen to the Doctors, Dr. Sin launches Bravo album that has been successful sales, with first sales of Century Media Records. Edu Ardanuy is also very popular as a guitar teacher, now teaches for over fifteen years and has been teaching classes and workshops throughout the country [Source: wikipedia]. Total Time: 63 min.





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