Tracciare un altro segno sul terreno. Misurare la distanza in millimetri tra i due segni. Inserire questo valore per impostare la circonferenza della ruota. Opzione: Scegliere un valore di circonferenza adatto dalla tabella.

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Using Your Computer Main Unit Setup Initiation of Main Unit 2. Basic Display Modes 2. Overview of Button Operation In Data Setting Mode 2. In General Mode 3. In Altitude Calibration Mode 3. Page 3: Package Contents Package Contents 1. The easy operation of your new Echo-a1 or Echo-a2 will let you enjoy much fun from riding.

Please read this manual carefully before using the device to get familiar with the operation logic. Page 5 There is a highly sensitive pressure sensor inside each Echo-a1 or Echo-a2 cycle computer, and there is a hole at the bottom of each main unit for measuring the pressure. You should always keep the hole clean to avoid incorrect measurement and must not poke a needle or any pointed article into it to avoid damage. Main Unit Setup 1.

Initiation of Main Unit: 1. Before normal operation, initiate the main unit and select units as stated below: Page 7 The following is the General Mode Display during riding for reference Page 8: Overview Of Button Operation 2.

The following text lets you know how to use the buttons to operate the computer step by step. Page 9: In General Mode setting. Button C: 1. Button D: No function. How do you enter Data Setting Mode after initiating the computer? After initiating the computer by pressing the A, B, C buttons at the same time for 3 seconds, press any button to quit auto-testing display, and then select units.

In Altitude Calibration Mode Tips: 1. Page Wheel Circumference Measurement 3. Wheel Circumference Measurement To set the wheel circumference before riding, you should measure the wheel circumference by yourself or just refer to the Wheel Circumference Table as shown below Page 12 How do you measure the wheel circumference yourself?

Roll the wheel until the valve stem is closest to the ground and mark the corresponding spot on the floor as the first point.

Next, roll the wheel forward until the valve stem is closest to the ground once again. Mark the corresponding spot on the floor as the second point. Press the A button to change the value of a flickering digit.

Press the B button to move to the next digit in a loop. Press and hold the B button for 1 second to move to the next setting when the current setting is finished. Page General Display 5. General Display The display of General Mode looks different in different phrases as shown below: 1.

Put the main unit onto the bracket, and the main unit will automatically start measuring the speed and cadence. Page Battery Replacement 6. Battery Replacement 1. When the low battery indicator is shown on the display, replace the battery with a new one A. Press buttons A, B, C for 3 seconds to initiate the main unit.


Echowell U4w Ciclocomputer



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ECHOWELL echo a1 User Manual



Echowell U4w Cycling Computer


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