The transmitter employs a unique circuit which steals current from the receive RS signal when that signal in a negative state marking. This feature is especially important for battery-powered systems such as laptop computers, remote sensors, and portable medical instruments. Designed for the unique requirements of battery-backed systems, the DS provides a low-power halfduplex interface an RS serial port. Typically, a designer must use an RS device which uses system power during both negative and positive transitions of the transmit signal to the RS port. If the connector to the RS port is left connected for an appreciable time after the communication session has ended, power will statically flow into that port, draining the battery capacity. The DS eliminates this static current drain by stealing current from the receive line RXIN of the RS port when that line at a negative level marking.

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I think of all the fasteners I have had to take out of my pouch, put on the end of the bit and drive home. Every time you stop to put more screws in your pouch or add a screw to the end of a bit, is wasted time or unproductive time. Now I never really thought about this until I started using the Senco Duraspin and that was by accident. I have used screw guns plenty of times, which is a huge time saver, but never a collated screw gun.

A while back I had a couple guys over putting up a fence, I decided to get in their way and help screw the boards down. I took one side of the fence and one of the other guys took the other side. We were both standing their fastening our boards in place as usual just listening to some tunes. The third guy came back from the store and he ended up buying the Senco DS 18V gun. He broke it out and asked who wanted to use it. It was at this time I knew I had to own one of these.

I had a chance to use this tool to hang about 30 sheets of drywall and do part of a friends deck. I have a job coming up where I will be redoing a room. I will be gutting the room and taking the floor out to install a new hardwood floor. Which means I get to use this gun on drywall and some sub flooring. I am not crazy about the gutting part, but drywall and sub floor I am actually looking forward to using this screw gun more.

As you probably know this is a cordless collated screwdriver, which means no more worrying about a power cord and you can drive screw after screw without having to take one out of your pouch and put it on the end of your bit. This is awesome because you have the freedom and it is a huge time saver. The Duraspin can hold one strip which is 50 screws. The overall tool has a good balance and is very easy to work with.

You can load fasteners rather quickly once you get the hang of how to load them. Two cool options to this tool are the depth adjustment which does come in handy and the forward and reverse. It was nice having the option to re-sink the screw or back it out and drive another. A couple of things we would like to see different on the next model of this Screwdriver. First, we would love to see the next model have Lithium-ion battery instead of Ni-Cd. The longer run time with a Lithium-ion 3 amp battery and the lighter weight would make this a perfect tool.

The other item is how you adjust the nose piece. Currently you need a hex wrench, that is provided. You have to loosen a screw and slide the nose piece to the length of the screw, which is marked and easy to read. Not that changing the nose piece is hard and not that you do it often, but a tool free adjustment would be nice to have.

I tend to lose the small tools or not have them around when I need them. The system comes with the tool, 2 batteries, a 1 hour charger, two nose pieces Wood, Drywall and a couple of bits. One thing to note is you have to charge the battery a couple of times in order to have the battery at its optimal performance. Once you open the box up, you will see a big red card that indicates this. One thing we want to point out is the similarity between the Senco and the Ridgid.

They look identical in every way except the Ridgid is Lithium.


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