This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigator s, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an in vasion. Some people will think this statement is hypocritical because of the nearly complete ethnic and cultural destruction brought to the Native Americans by our European ancestors, but this just reinforces my point.

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I mean okay for a serious person? A: It is more than okay. It is highly desirable. Just to be seen carrying the book is desirable, maybe even better than reading it.

Q: Wherefore better? Q: You are positing that the media establishment disdains and calumniates Drudgism? A: It hates his guts, his persona, his trademark fedora, and the Drudge Report, possibly in that order. The Drudge Report is the Internet site where he lets fly with his version of the news. Major media honchos say the stuff on the site is just gossip, that Drudge does no reporting of his own, that he revels in dirt, that his material is unchecked.

But what really kills them is that he often gets out there first with big breaking news stories. Also that the aforesaid Report you get to it via www.

Q: So how does he do all this? A: That is the marvel and the miracle. Big-league journalism organizations have hundreds or even thousands of reporters, scores of bureaus around the world, and access to superduper transmission technologies, while Matt Drudge has been living and working alone in a small apartment in Hollywood, with on the evidence of his Manifesto only a cat to talk to and only a cheap Packard Bell computer based on a Intel chip—not even a Pentium.

Frequenters of Drudge had long since learned that the grand-jury testimony left Clinton a wreck because there were more questions about Lewinsky than about Jones. Q: Yes, yes, but how does Drudge out-scoop all those highly compensated media characters? But shoe leather is the old technology. In the Internet age, Drudge gets out front mainly by checking his e-mail and phone messages and finding that the world is full of people who have. A Secret. And who think it would be neat to blab this secret to the Drudge Report, and thereby to the whole planet.

Q: Is that all there is to it? A: Yes, if Drudge thinks the source is solid and the risks are reasonable. In other cases, including Oval Office debauchery, the ball takes a lot of bounces. Q: Kindly particularize. It is mid-afternoon on January 17,, and the original tipster has suddenly surfaced again. He now says the intern story will be in an upcoming Newsweek feature by the reporter Michael Issikoff.

Drudge calls Lucianne Goldberg, mentions that he is checking out a rumor about an upcoming Newsweek bust of Clinton and the intern. But, of course, it is about to flower as never before. Not only has he beaten Newsweek to the punch with its own story but—over the next few days—he will have made fools of numerous commentators who have been deriding the whole scoop as the phantasmic outpourings of a screwed-up gossip-monger.

Q: Back to the book. Is it fun or not-fun to read? A: It is both, often at the same time. Drudge tells you up front that in he graduated st in a high-school class of 3 55, and that he never went to college or had a serious job. Oddly enough, however, he turns out to be an interesting writer. Or at least he and Julia Phillips turn out to be an interesting writer. One way or another, the book has a loping, free-associating, hyperkinetic style that gets to you after a while. It is full of dimly relevant poetic efforts.

Somehow this all works, at least most of the time. Also, Drudge is often genuinely funny, especially when responding to media pomposity about his scandal-mongering and pointing up the errors, evasions, and embarrassing libel settlements of the guys he is talking back to. On the other hand. Q: He is not Walter Lippmann? A: All too true.

He is not a thinker. Confusions abound, often at critical junctures. But then he gets carried away by some large misplaced vision and suddenly starts identifying his little libertarian self with the anarchosyndicalist sophomores carrying on against the World Trade Organization in Seattle.

Does it really matter? A: Wait. There is worse. There are also Naderite deviations. Q: Naderite libertarianism? Is that anatomically possible? A: Seemingly so. Q: And now for the big question. We are talking about a manifesto. A manifesto is supposed to have a main point. What is the main point of this one? And I have a follow-up.

Drudge Manifesto does have one intriguing thought, repeatedly stated, which is that things have definitely changed when a guy operating all by his lonesome can command so much attention and gain so huge a following, and occasionally outfox the big media conglomerates. But that is not a message. Look at me.

A: Yes, but this way the reader gets to Drudge faster. And that is still an okay place to get.


Drudge manifesto

I mean okay for a serious person? A: It is more than okay. It is highly desirable. Just to be seen carrying the book is desirable, maybe even better than reading it.


Matt Drudge

Main article: Drudge Report Drudge was unknown before he began the news aggregation site, the Drudge Report. In , he moved to Los Angeles , where he took up residence in a small Hollywood apartment. He took a job in the gift shop of CBS studios, eventually working his way up to manager. Here, he was apparently privy to some inside gossip, part of the inspiration for founding the Drudge Report.


Drudge Manifesto by Matt Drudge



Drudge Manifesto


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