Plot summary[ edit ] The plot of the original modules Descent Into the Depths of the Earth and Shrine of the Kuo-Toa places a party of player characters PCs on the trail of the drow priestess Eclavdra through the Underdark , [3] a vast subterranean network of interconnected caverns and tunnels, [4] battling various creatures on their journey. In the last module in the preceding G-series, Hall of the Fire Giant King, the PCs were supposed to have discovered that the drow had instigated the alliance between the races of giants and their attacks on neighboring humans. The party encounters a kuo-toan rogue monitor who helps them cross a large river for a fee. A party of Svirfneblin or deep gnomes approaches the player characters on the other side, and the party has a chance to convince them to help them fight against the drow. As the party travels, signs of the drow are all around; the drow are allowed to pass through these subterranean areas, even though they are hated and feared by the other local intelligent races. The party then moves through kuo-toa territory, ruled by the Priest-Prince Va-Guulgh.

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Average Rating 24 ratings As a member of a bold party of adventurers, you and your associates have trekked far into what seems to be a whole underworld of subterranean tunnels -- arteries connecting endless caves and caverns which honeycomb the foundations of the lands beneath the sun. Your expedition has dogged the heels of the Dark Elves who caused great woe and then fled underground.

For characters levels 10 to Like its two predecessors in the D-series, it was originally published with a monochrome cover purple.

It was later revamped with a full-color cover in a second edition at the same time that TSR released the collected G "Against the Giants" and D "Descent into the Depths of the Earth" Another Tournament Release. The tournament actually resulted in TPKs for everyone but the winning team, due to "a horrible encounter with a demon. New Settings. Besides being set in the Underdark, D3 also presents the idea of a monstrous city; in fact, in many ways, the module is actually more of a city description than an adventure.

New Monsters. The drow have been making appearances since G3: "Hall of the Fire Giant King" , but they get their full detailing here, including a description of one of their cities and details on their competing noble families. During his lifetime, Gygax offered a few different sources for his drow.

The Adventure Continues. Future History. The drow were also revisited in the Chainmail Miniatures Game The idea of drow cities has of course been revisited in the Forgotten Realms, most memorably in the second edition boxed set, Menzoberranzan and the final? About the Creators. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to shannon. Bundles containing this product:.


D3- Vault of the Drow

What a lot of gamers forget, assuming they ever actually played D3, is that there is absolutely no plot to the module, just as there was no plot to its precursors in the D series. The "plot" of the series, such as it is, mostly occurred in modules G1, G2, and G3, where the evil high priestess of the Elder Elemental God, Eclavdra, was attempting to organize the giants into a vast army with which to subjugate a portion of the surface world, in the process gaining power for herself and her house, Eilservs. Once that plan is defeated, though, all that remains for the PCs is vengeance and exploration of the depths of the earth. Eclavdra -- or her clone -- reappears in Vault of the Drow, but only as the leader of House Eilservs, not as "the big bad evil guy" of the module.


Connecting the Temple of Elemental Evil with the Vault of the Drow (Part 1)

By Harry, I might have this thing finally figured out! First, from Temple of Elemental Evil: Some actually turned to Lolth in desperation, for many drow visited the Temple after its fall. Lareth was one who sought to serve both the Temple and Lolth. Had she not been routed, her dark followers so crippled, much might have come of this. But as it transpired, Lolth could—and can yet—give only encouragement, without physical or magical aid, to those who call on her. T, p.

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