How to open ddd files? File type specification: Settings, options, themes or skins file type ddd file icon: The ddd file extension is associated with the Adobe ColdFusion, a rapid web development environment, available for various operating systems, developed by Adobe. The ddd file stores verity engine fields definition. The default software associated to open ddd file: Company or developer: Adobe Systems Incorporated Adobe ColdFusion is Adobe proprietary rapid application development platform used to create rich Internet applications from client to server. Help how to open: Probably not meant to be accessed by the user.

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ColdFusion includes the Verity search engine, which provides full-text indexing and searching. The Verity engine performs searches against collections, not against the actual documents.

A collection is a special database created by Verity that contains metadata that describes the documents that you have indexed. The indexing process examines documents of various types in a collection and creates a metadata description-the index-which is specialized for rapid search and retrieval operations.

The ColdFusion implementation of Verity supports collections of the following basic data types: Text files such as HTML pages and CFML pages Binary documents see "Supported file types" Record sets returned from cfquery, cfldap, and cfpop queries You can build collections from individual documents or from an entire directory tree. Collections can be stored anywhere, so you have much flexibility in accessing indexed data.

In your ColdFusion application, you can search multiple collections, each of which can focus on a specific group of documents or queries, according to subject, document type, location, or any other logical grouping.

Because you can perform searches against multiple collections, you have substantial flexibility in designing your search interface. Using Verity with ColdFusion Here are some ways to use Verity with ColdFusion: Index your website and provide a generalized search mechanism, such as a form interface, for executing searches. Index specific directories containing documents for subject-based searching.

Index cfquery record sets, giving users the ability to search against the data. Because collections contain data optimized for retrieval, this method is much faster than performing multiple database queries to return the same data.

Index cfldap and cfpop query results. Manage and search collections generated outside of ColdFusion using native Verity tools. This additional capability requires only that the full path to the collection be specified in the index and search commands.

Index e-mail generated by ColdFusion application pages and create a searching mechanism for the indexed messages. Build collections of inventory data and make those collections available for searching from your ColdFusion application pages. Support international users in a range of languages using the cfindex, cfcollection, and cfsearch tags.

Advantages of using Verity Verity can index the output from queries so that you or a user can search against the record sets. Searching query results has a clear advantage over using SQL to search a database directly in speed of execution because metadata from the record sets are stored in a Verity index that is optimized for searching. Performing a Verity search has the following advantages over other search methods: You can reduce the programming overhead of query constructs by allowing users to construct their own queries and execute them directly.

You need only be concerned with presenting the output to the client web browser. Verity can index database text fields, such as notes and product descriptions, that cannot be effectively indexed by native database tools. When indexing collections containing documents in formats such as Adobe Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Word, Verity scans for the document title if one was entered , in addition to the document text, and displays the title in the search results list.

When Verity indexes web pages, it can return the URL for each document. This is a valuable document management feature. Supported file types The ColdFusion Verity implementation supports a wide array of file and document types. As a result, you can index web pages, ColdFusion applications, and many binary document types and produce search results that include summaries of these documents. The KeyView Filter Kit includes document filters that support the indexing and viewing of more than 45 native document formats.



Vizragore Notice that we do not use signs around our column names. The process is similar to adding a new record to the index. Make sure you have a good help page drawn up to let your users know what they can do with Verity. For this action attribute value: By continuing to use this site you accept their use. Starting with ColdFusionthe path attribute will be ignored. You can enter multiple words separated by commas: The search engine searches the result set for criteria without regard to the previous search score or rank.


Open DDD file


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