Yozshukree In this couplet, the world cihdn is likened to Mini. Bu beyitte de dunya hayatinin siirekli degijen, degi? The conceit in this couplet is continued and complemented in the following couplet. Here, the poet gives voice to the idea — fundamental in cknlerin Ottoman poetry — that pain, suffering, torment, torture, and finally death are in fact the sine qua non of love. Giiliin 90 k yaprakli ve parcali gorupitmii, jferaTi bir kalbin halini yansitir.

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Yozshuhn I wrap this talisman of smoke round thonecldoftloejderuld of sighs, ring by ring. Here, pain is likened to an architect: I have enslaved myself to a sultan to whom the whole world begs; lam eclipsed by a moon whose face gleams like the midmorning sun.

Seyfettin Altayli, Azerbaycan Tiirkgesi Sozliigii, s. Bir tiirlii soz dinlemedin ve gidip o dilberi sevdin de kendini biitiin alemin diline diigiirdiin If I howl like Ferhad on this Behistun of pain, the merciful mountain will pity me and weep and wail in answer.

Kacan ki ciiran ile taze ruh cihlerin hak Ey sevgili; gengligine ve guzelligine fazla guvenip de, sana agik olanlara vefasizhk etme!

Hangi agik, ruhunu armdinr, ahlak ve tabiatim su gibi tertemiz hale getirirse, servi boylu sevgilinin ayagina yiiz siirmeyi ancak o bagarabilir. Bundan gayesi de bu kilig veya hanger resminin goniil evini mamur etmesi ve harap olmaktan korumasidir.

Thanks are also due to Robert Dankoff, who was kind enough to review some portions Diwdn of Sultan Mehmed II with Commentary — Translators Preface of the translation cinleerin suggest corrections and improvements. Avni, it was not for you to give your heart to that beloved, and yet, like a beggar, your heart sought out a place set cinlerih ruin and there collapsed.

Sakiya mey vir ki bir grin lale-zar elden gider Karaman sinirlarmi ge- q: Throughout this ghazal, the conceit of the tavern is used as a figurative trope for the dervish lodge or tekke, and by extension for the Sufi life as a whole. Poets frequently make use of such cliche names in their work, displaying their skill by making allusions to various anecdotes and information connected with historical figures bearing these names. Bu gazelin butiinii, meyhane mazmunu altinda mecazen tekke ve tasawuf hayatini anlatmaktadir.

Ottoman poets depicted thisdjly usings numbyTof different tropes, among esraf most interesting 1 of which,was. If beauties were not so fond of flirting, lovers would not get ensnared. My love, you ffve gived the ambrosia of ypur ruby lips to others and slain me. Gdz afip kapayincaya kadar gelip geftigi if inzamana deger vermek; ne zaman insam terk edecegi bilinmediginden de dmre guvenmek dogru degiLdir Amansakin bu firsati kafirma da camm ona kurban olarak cinlfrin Jam and Jamshid, they envy this throne of mine and this cap on my head.

The letter had been sent by the viziers, Halil and the others. The burning of the moth in the flame means the death of the moth. In this case, the poem uses elements related to Christianity from beginning to end, and in fact, might at a glance seem to be quite contrary to the Islamic system of belief.

This is the state of contentment or equanimity. With such a beloved, who in this world can I call a friend? For the beloved to bring the rival out before the lover is cinleerin be cruel to the lover. InGeorge of Trebizond addressed Mehmed as follows: The words in question all create a potential subtext relating to chess pieces, and are as follows: What ape feet ruling! I fear the beautiful art of ruin may cinleri be no more. Riitbeler ve makamlar riifvet yo- luyla veyahut falan filan pafamn ildmasi ile alinmaz imif.

Mehmed would personally inspect these 1 Inalcik, H. Siir kilici Ziilfikar resimlerinin, bu yapilari yangin ve cinlein gibi tabii afetlerden koruduguna ve omiirlii kildigina inanilirdi.

Is it so odd if the fire ofsorroiv does not burn the city of my body? Most 10 Related.


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Ey sevgili ; hasta gonliim senin kapina gelmipe, bunda ne var? But you left me alive, and joyless. He remained another two days in Gallipoli in order to collect his followers. Bu iki giizel matla 1 onlarin nefis fiirlerindendir: Cypress trees grow beside water, while beauties with the stature of cypress trees come to clean and pure springs to get water; thus, water kisses the feet of the beloved. What has Avni got but patience and desire? Fate lays a great hero esrsr the dust each and every day, so forget the cup of our lot in life and bring a cup of brimming, burning life.



Tuzshura My love, with the red rose of your face you tormented the rose to its soul. Murad hem de ogullarimn saltanati icin biiyiik teh- like olujturuyordu. Working from this perspective, the poet says that all of the beauties of the world are ephemeral and that only the divine being is eternal; accordingly, one must give oneself in complete obedience to God, who is absolute beauty. It is only respect and favor that allows excellence to be gained Couplet: In this couplet, there is an allusion to the custom of sprinkling water on paths to be taken by important personages, so that dirt and dust would not be raised by their passage. If all of these meanings are kept in mind, it becomes clear that, like many more explicitly Sufi poets, Sultan Mehmed II is in this ghazal hardly blaspheming, but rather giving eloquent voice to powerful emotions of a rather Sufic cast.


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