Copyright c by Christine Feehan. Excerpt from Dark Curse copyright c by Christine Feehan. Cover handletiering by Ron Zinn. Cover design by George Long.

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Part 6 of Drake Sisters series by Christine Feehan 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 "No! She looked back and saw the woman struggling with the security detail. Your safety has to come first.

Traveling with the band from concert to concert? That should shake him up. Had anyone in her band issued an invitation to the girl? Or worse, what if something had really happened to the girl? Dean whatever. Brian knows him.

I want Jerry to talk to him tonight. She rested her head against the seat and closed her eyes. Jerry said he would take care of it and I trusted him to do it. This should have been done already. Jerry had better take this seriously. I not only want Dean questioned, but everyone else. Be reasonable. The crew breaks down the set and they have to roll. You always take on way too much. She might have run away. Dean probably saw the kid for a few minutes and forgot all about her. They have sex, they get blow jobs, they do drugs with them.

I want her picture shown to everyone before they all lose their memories. And stop trying to handle me for Jerry. The coward. I mean it, Brian. When was the last time you slept? Or ate, for that matter? Maybe she was acting like a diva. And Brian was right, she was exhausted.

He scheduled the stop in Red Rocks because you asked him to do it. When the sun is setting and the energy is right She was so tired she could barely think, but Red Rocks would recharge her, it always did, even when they had to do one concert right after the other to fit it in the schedule. Try to get some sleep. Calm down and think about this logically. Everyone saw him. He was stupid and ran, but he made them leave. Did anyone check their bus? Who would do that?

Come on, you know that. Nikitin or any of his crew could have or someone else coming to the party. In the meantime, try to get some sleep. Go to sleep. I think after your song, all of us believe in second chances. Maybe even a little accusing. Joley felt the color rising in her cheeks. It was for Lisa, but I was a little distracted. I thoug ht Denny was going to personally kick that man with Lisa. Brian grinned. She slapped him though, right across the face, very hard.

And she was crying. I saw him go over to her after the performance, and she just hauled off and let him have it. Then what did she do? Girlie punches though. I think they rented a car. At once, the vehicle rumbled to life, and Steve pulled out of the parking lot onto the road. Joley waved to Brian and watched him sprint for the second bus before she slid the privacy screen in place and heaved a sigh. It was going to be another long night. Was she really being ridiculous over the missing girl?

It was entirely possible her band and crew had nothing at all to do with the underage teens being at the party. And Brian was right, she was exhausted and fixating on the missing girl. She was used to handing everything over to Jerry to handle and she just let herself forget. The road crew was already gone. It was easier to blame Jerry and Brian, but ultimately, it was her responsibility to make the inquiry if she wanted it done, because she was really the only person who believed it was the same girl.

She was so used to everyone doing things for her, and what did that make her after all? A diva. Joley made her way to the back of the bus. As she passed the small closet, a large hand snaked across her mouth and an arm slid like an iron bar around her waist.

She was jerked back against a hard male body. Warm breath fanned her neck. His scent. His aura of danger. His hard, masculine body, far stronger than he looked. She drew in a breath, struggled and tried to sink her teeth into his palm. He let her. She knew he let her bite him. She went still and waited for him to release her. Instead Ilya Prakenskii trapped her between him and the closet door, his body pressed tight against hers. He rubbed his palm over her full lips, as if he expected her to kiss the bite better.

And she was tempted. He tasted masculine and sexy. The heat of his body crept into hers, a slow assault on her senses. She could feel the band of his arm sweeping up her rib cage to halt beneath her breasts. At once her skin felt too tight, her nipples hard and aching, and between her legs, already, the first flush of dampness signaled her response to him.

Her heart hammered and her stomach did a slow somersault. She closed her eyes, leaning into the heat of his body, feeling his thick shaft nestled tight against her. Bodyguards are supposed to fade into the background. Self-respect demanded she feign shock. She did neither. His arms made her feel safe when she should have felt threatened. His mouth on her skin sent little flames darting through her bloodstream. Her brain said to move, but her body refused to acknowledge the command.

He turned her into his arms so that she was crushed against the broad expanse of his chest. He laughed softly, and she was instantly aware it was something he did rarely. She lifted her face, and his lips were inches--inches--from hers. His breath was warm with the promise of temptation and sin. She wanted both. His mouth settled on hers, teeth tugging at her lower lip insistently, until, without much resistance, she opened for him.

Lost in his intoxicating, sensual taste, all male and sex and urgent demand, Joley went pliant, melting against him, hands sliding around his neck to press even closer. She melted into him, skin to skin, sharing breath until her toes curled.


Turbulent Sea: Drake Sisters Bk. 6



Turbulent Sea


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