Loader for C. A firmware upgrade utility does automatically install the device driver for your C. A installation tester. A installation tester to your computer through the USB cable unless the upgrade utility is installed AND asks you to do it. Please follow the procedure presented hereafter to ensure a successful installation. A USB cable to the computer before installing the upgrade utility?

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Connect the instrument according to the diagram opposite. Select any position with the switch 3. Page 16 Only connect clamps compliant with EN to these terminals, with safety leads such as those supplied optionally for the C.

A N. Otherwise the protective fuse will blow and the input may be damaged! Page Measuring Insulation Resistance 5. Page 19 1. Connect the instrument as shown in the connection diagram. Page Rcd Testing 5. Page 21 Next, a non-tripping test of the RCD is carried out automatically. If this is the case, connect the instrument to a phase before the RCD to be tested and connect the remaining test leads neutral and earth to the neutral after the RCD to be tested. Page 24 5. A current clamp optional must be connected to the C.

A N See also chapter 5. Page 26 Measurement duration: 3 … 60 Periods, depending on the earth resistance and test current. Probe voltage measurement range Resolution Accuracy 1 …70 V 0.

Page 28 TT system: This is the ideal diagram for quick and easy measurement of the ground earth: no earth connection to disconnect and just one extra earth testing rod to plant!

Page 30 : short cut current , ZA: earth resitance impedance is accessible in C. A N Version 2. In function Zs L-PE, the following measurements are possible depending on the connection of the inputs. Page 31 So that the fault voltage earthing voltage at the nominal current of the RCD is measured and displayed in position L - PE, the earth probe must be connected. If the earth probe and a current clamp are connected to the instrument, the selective earth measurement is also automatically carried out position Zs SEL.

Page 32 5. Page 33 2. So that the fault voltage is automatically measured on the LOOP Z position, connect the earth probe to the instrument.


Drehstrom- / Messadapter zu CA 6116 / CA 6117

Het algemene kenmerk van de CA blijft de ongekend eenvoudige bediening. Volgens velen is de CA Qualistar veruit de meest gemakkelijk te begrijpen power analyser op de markt. Slechts een gering aantal toetsen met duidelijke pictogrammen leiden de gebruiker. De schermen kennen een overzichtelijke opbouw en Nederlandstalige teksten. Naar keuze kan de taal worden in een van de 20 andere talen.


Multi-function installation tester - C.A 6116


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