Start your review of Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success Write a review Feb 01, Shan rated it it was ok I, too, think being brazen can be a good thing if used the right way. The author of this book believes our generation is being brazen by blazing new trails in the workforce. Or using sexual harassment as a tool to advance your career. Or taking the I, too, think being brazen can be a good thing if used the right way. Or taking the fine art of brown nosing to new spineless heights.

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You may remember that Penelope sent me a copy of Brazen Careerist in March. I just procrastinated. Buy this book!

Is that a clear enough opinion? Something for everyone Penelope wrote Brazen Careerist for a target audience of young people. You can learn what us young folk are up to. Portions I loved As I read the book, I flagged great passages with a post-it note. When I finished, I realized there were about 25 little flags hanging out!

The people that get the most job offers are those who know how to package themselves. Figuring out how to do this is a lot harder than just spewing facts onto a piece of paper. Penelope also has a great view of office politics: In a large company, office politics is mostly office networking, and the people who are doing it best are doing it in person. And that person gets information about you, too. I work in a small organization about 40 employees on site. It amazes me how some people almost refuse to leave their office or even pick up the phone.

I love going to talk to a person about a problem or ask a question. Did you buy it yet? Think of it as a low-cost investment in your future. Get more legal tips Sign-up below to receive my bi-monthly email newsletter with free legal tips. All fields are required. Email Address.



Arashigul I thought the advice was well thought-out and communicated concisely. New Rules For Success. Nevertheless, I think this a great book for a new graduate, along with Effectively Immediately by Emily Bennington another blogger I like. Pretty good book on viewing your career strategically. Published May 25th by Business Plus first published Assume the job description was wrong Playing office politics and other acts of kindness.


Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success


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