Gareth Hinds does graphics for computer games and apparently reinvents classics as graphic novels in his spare time. The illustrations of Beowulf and Grendel on the front and back covers indicate that the drawings will be dark and gritty. He also appears to be decomposing. This must be a foreshadowing.

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Tygoshicage When the story was first released init was delivered in a three parts, each with a different medium — the first part was drawn with ink using a dip pen and brush, then colored digitally, while the second was done on wood panels and included watercolor, acrylic, and color pencil. The illustrations are magical. I would have liked to see that meaningfulness of engagement in this comic retelling, but it was woefully absent.

Spectacular visuals accompanying a well known story makes for a fascinating experience. He has also been a student of history, art, theater, psychology, ceramics, and dance. I am making this review short because I have to get back to the essay I have to write on this book it was assigned to me as a part of my major English writings Class but you should read this if you want to get pulled back in a different time.

Notify me of new comments via email. I would have preferred Hinds take even more liberty with the visual language here and cast the material in a new light. Beowulf Graphic Novel : Gareth Hinds : All in all, an excellent work and a worthy edition to not only the educational body of literature but also the casual reader. This is a decent graphic novel adaptation of Beowulf, which gives a good impression of the three main fights that dominate the poem.

However, because—as many of the other reviews here have pointed out—this version eschews most of the text, with several multi-page sections that include no text at all. It is these truly exciting moments that remind the reader of the adaptive potential of Beowulf. This place exists in the graphic novel Beowulf by Gareth Hinds, based on the poem Beowulf. The veowulf of Beowulf and Grendel on the front and back covers indicate that the drawings will be dark and gritty. Let me just say that I am completely biased when it comes to Beowulf.

To ask other readers questions about Beowulfplease sign up. Is this dragon creeping forward or merely a beast chasing its own tail? I think this book is amazing, though the text was a little difficult to understand. With the aid of the graphic novel, I believe that more students will tune-in during the readings and discussion of Beowulf.

Bones were garethh, blood was shed, and then Grendel runs away with one less arm than he came with. Published March 13th by Candlewick Press first published These panels hareth Beowulf first arriving on the shores of Denmark viewing the might of Herot. Jus Take me back to a time where men where brave and monsters ruled the earth.

Description This exhilarating graphic-novel edition of an ancient classic honors the spirit of the original as it attracts modern readers ages 10 and up. Related Posts.



May 09, Tom Ward rated it it was ok. BeowulfGraphic Classics. In the original, self-published version, he had used a verse translation by Francis Gummere. The text begs the question: Just look at how many times this book has been reproduced. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He has also been a student of history, art, theater, psychology, ceramics, and dance.



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