The new truck is considered to be the largest in the post-Soviet space and one of the largest in the world. BelAZ is a huge dump truck intended for quarrying, in addition, it is actively used on Kuzbass excavations. The width of the car is 9. With such dimensions, the giant has a mass of tons, and its load capacity is calculated at tons.

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The new truck is considered to be the largest in the post-Soviet space and one of the largest in the world. BelAZ is a huge dump truck intended for quarrying, in addition, it is actively used on Kuzbass excavations.

The width of the car is 9. With such dimensions, the giant has a mass of tons, and its load capacity is calculated at tons. Its power - three and a half thousand horsepower at a couple thousand rpm, there is a system of starting pneumatic starter. The engine capacity is 78 liters. The cooling unit is equipped with an adjustable impeller, which makes it possible to operate the car in hot weather and at sub-zero temperatures. The supply of rubbing parts with oil is carried outfull-flow filtration system with four pumping units.

The power unit of BelAZ is equipped with electronics, which minimizes the human factor in controlling its operation modes. With this volume and power, the motor consumesrelatively little fuel. In the recalculation of 1 kW of power, about grams of fuel are consumed.

The volume of the fuel tank allows to operate uninterruptedly for 16 hours. The traction generator with a power of more than 2. Chassis BelAZ, the size in height of which is commensurable withthree-story house, is equipped with a frame of a spatial type, made of sheet alloy steel elements of high strength. Strengthen the design in places of maximum loads cast parts. Despite the impressive size, the dump truck can turn on a meter platform.

This is possible thanks to a short base providing good maneuverability. The Belarusian giant has a standard baseThe formula is four wheels, a pair of which is leading. The front axle is equipped with a dependent suspension with an air-hydraulic unit.

The rear drive uses a lever assembly with a central hinge. This design provides high stability of the truck and ease of control. Compared with analogues, the dynamic load on the driver is reduced by times. Other data The brakes of the BelAZ dump truck consist of a pairhydraulic circuits, and this applies to the parking block. In the locking system, traction motors are also involved, which are switched to the generator mode and affect the cooling of the braking resistors.

In the event of an emergency, the parking brake and the working contour of the main unit are engaged. In the body of the car is placed from to cubic meters of slag or rock, depending on the degree of loading. Additional security provides a massive visor. The cabin is designed for two people, meets all the norms of ergonomics and safety. Provides a video review system and a convenient management system. Three pedals are installed, but instead of the usual clutch, a retarder is installed here.

Also, the cruise control monitors the speed control on the descent. The speedometer sensors and the speed of the motor light are on the display. Each tubeless wheel of the car in question weighs about eight tons, for its installation requires a special loader-manipulator.

Information of a technical nature BelAZ, the technical characteristics of whichit is simply impossible to compare with domestic trucks, is designed to transport minerals, quarries and other bulk cargo outside public roads. The power unit is Cummins QSK. The generator is Kato 2, kilowatts. Electric motors - Siemens 2 to 1 kW.

The volume of the body m3 is Turning radius m - 16,6. Carrying capacity kg - thousand. Features Some fans of huge vehiclesAre you interested in the size of the rectangular headlights of BelAZ?

In fact, the light elements of this machine have a standard size for heavy vehicles. In reinforced searchlights, there is no need, since workings out, according to safety regulations, are conducted during the daytime. And rectangular elements the size of a washing machine, which can be taken for the headlights, are air filters.

Modifications In the line BelAZ there are two more modifications, which differ in engines and load-carrying capacity. The following is a brief overview of each: Model The truck is capable of transporting up to tons of cargo, is equipped with a power unit MTU 20V Power - 2.

A bunch of engine with wheels occurs through a combination of an electric motor and a two-row planetary gear. The total weight of the truck reaches thousand kg, the volume of cargo - cubic meters. Option The largest dumper from the series in question can carry a cargo of tons weight, it has a diesel 1 TBGA03, which allows you to transport increased weight.

Verification in action BelAZ, the characteristics of which do not fitfor ordinary roads, you can test only in the field, or rather, in his usual workplace.

Even deliveries of these cars are carried out by rail in disassembled form or on cargo planes. Start moving on this "monster" is not so muchcomplicated. It is enough to switch the toggle switch to the "forward" position, press the gas and release the handbrake. The cabin looks quite small compared to the general exterior. In fact, it is double, equipped with protection against overturning and air conditioning.

The car moves smoothly, there are absolutely no jerks and obstacles. Just get used to the dimensions of such a giant is not easy. Steering is soft and light thanks toexcellent hydraulic booster. Electric transmission eliminates the need to activate the diesel engine maneuvering in the workshop, the two brake pedals are responsible for timely braking, cruise control helps on descent.

The standard disc brake serves for the final stop, and the main function is performed by the retarder. The car perfectly enters into sharp turns, despite of the dimensions. The car is in demand on quarries, it is able to transport more than three hundred tons of cargo at a time. As a rule, such units are exploited to the maximum, in order to work out their value, which exceeds one million dollars per unit. The machine considered is straighta competitor among similar "monsters" at the world level.

And this applies to both dimensions, so the carrying capacity and the price. There are not so many similar trucks in the world. All of them are involved in heavy production and interact with the same powerful and impressive excavators and loaders.


MINEN-LASTER Holzmodell - BELAZ 75600 - ohne Klebstoff von Eco Wood

Mit dieser Menge an Energie und den Motor verbraucht relativ wenig Kraftstoff. Trotz der beeindruckenden Dimensionen kann, dump auf einer Plattform 33 Meter entwickelt werden. Auf einem Hinterradantrieb ist Armbaugruppe mit einem zentralen Gelenke eingesetzt. Im Notfall aktiviert Stellbremse und Betriebsschaltung der Hauptbaugruppe. Weitere Sicherheit ist massiv Vordach versehen. Vorausgesetzt, Video-Review-System und benutzerfreundliche Steuerung. Na Display Lichtsensor Tacho und Motor drehfreudig.


BELAZ 75600 - Muldenkipper 3d Holzbausatz Von EWA



BelAZ-75600: specifications and photos


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