Learn more about the SXFX in this overview video by Behringer: Huge Channel Count Just try getting this many channels anywhere near this price from a different manufacturer. In addition to the 32 true input channels, the SXFX gives you four subgroups for assigning multiple inputs to a single fader. Use the subgroups to control an entire drum kit or all the backup signers from a single volume fader, or use them to create specific monitor mixes for different performers. You also get a mono output that can be used as a center channel, a monitor send, or a subwoofer send.

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Sound: There is no downside to the sound of this board. The preamps are transparent and quiet, special effects work great, plenty of headroom Making vocals and instruments sound the way they go in is extremely important, and this board is that way. You can, however tweak everything to get whatever "version" of those sounds you want. Feature: It would be nice to have two more pre-fader sends, but at this price-point the existing feature set probably makes this too costly.

By getting the 24 xlr versin, I create a third mix using the inserts to patch over to other unused channel line inputs. Then I assign those to a subgroup or two and not to the mains. The faders can be used to create the third or even fourth mix with some creative experimentation. Ease of Use: intuitive, well grouped controls. Behringer Online support is there for any questions. Quality: everything is perfect out of the box. The controls are firm, with the faders the least firm, but very smoothe and controllable.

The fit and finish is on a par with everybody else I am not the least bit worried about the "horror stories" as they have simply become urban legend on the web. My own personal experience with behringer, and local music store information has laid all these stories to rest around here. How long will it last? Value: Hands down winner here.

Nothing else is even close. You will find some used boards with more sends, but fewer channels, new boards with less of everything, any variation in-between. Pound-for-pound, dollar-for-dollar..

Manufacturer Support: I have never needed any supports except for simple questions A little more of a retro-gorgeous.

It is not, BTW a close cosmetic copy of the onyx if you are an observent person Overall: I have no inkling to look for a different mixer. I shopped for 6 months and did extensive research to determine if the internet babble on three very vocal forums was really the majority opinion.

It is not. It is also not based on current information regarding behringer products or business practices. My music sounds better, my bands needs are now met, and this mixer is a key ingredient. That is simply not a player for many folks. Neither is a legitimate need or technical ability to use 6 sends. This board had 24 mono channels and so many routing options, a competent sound person will find the sends more than adequate for the weekend gig band.

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This is a true four-buss console with a separate, dedicated stereo buss, so the group busses can be used as multitrack recording outputs at the same time as some of the stereo channels are used for multitrack return monitoring. The mic preamps in this console use the latest Behringer Xenyx circuitry, which is claimed to be an improvement over its predecessor, the Invisible-series preamp, while the EQ is now designed to recreate the vintage British EQ sound, by which I assume they mean things like the old Trident consoles from the s. The mixer still adheres to the inch format, with included rack ears that can be bolted to the sides of the chassis if you need them. Also included in the box is the USB interface, which has a captive USB cable and four unbalanced phono connectors two-in, two-out. This means that the maximum number of microphones that can be connected is 10, although that should be enough for most small band gigging situations, and certainly sufficient for the majority of home recording applications.


Mixer EuroDesk BiVolt - SX2442FX - Behringer


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