But then a cruel fate dealt her a shattering blow. Weary of her very public life in Paris, an aging courtesan takes her orphaned niece from her convent home and relocates to Monte Carlo to begin a new life. Mar 11, Mira rated it really liked it Shelves: This page was last edited on 6 Februaryat Yes her own words! This is my favourite book of hers. Serena had a rescue from unsuspected source.

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Cartland would later attribute this downturn to the suicide of her paternal grandfather, James Cartland, who, she claimed, was a financier who shot himself in the wake of bankruptcy. Cartland soon became successful as a society reporter after , and a writer of romantic fiction. Cartland admitted she was inspired in her early work by the novels of Edwardian author Elinor Glyn , whom she idolized and eventually befriended.

Barbara Cartland in Marriage and relationships Edit According to an obituary published in The Daily Telegraph , [3] Cartland reportedly broke off her first engagement, to a Guards officer, when she learned about sexual intercourse and recoiled. This claim fits with her image in later life as a representative of a generation for whom such matters were never discussed, but sits uneasily with her having produced work in the s which was controversial at the time for its sexual subject matter.

She claimed to have declined 49 marriage proposals [8] before marrying Captain Alexander "Sachie" George McCorquodale, on 23 April , a British Army officer from Scotland and heir to a printing fortune.

They divorced in ,[ citation needed ] and he died from heart failure in Cartland and her second husband, who died in , had two sons: Ian McCorquodale born 11 October , a former Debretts publisher, and Glen McCorquodale born , a stockbroker.

Mountbatten supported Cartland in her various charitable works, particularly for United World Colleges , and even helped her write her book Love at the Helm, providing background naval and historical information. In the s and s, Cartland was a prominent young hostess in London society, noted for her beauty, energetic charm, and daring parties. Her fashion sense also had a part, and she was one of the first clients of designer Norman Hartnell ; she remained a client until he died in For minor situations and other characters she has drawn upon four of my other novels.

She became a mainstay of the popular media in her trademark pink dresses and plumed hats, discoursing on matters of love , marriage , politics, religion, health, and fashion. She was publicly opposed to the removal of prayer from state schools, and spoke against infidelity and divorce , although she admitted to being acquainted with both of these subjects.

Contribution to aviation Edit Privately, Cartland took an interest in the early gliding movement. The idea led to troop-carrying gliders. Her biography of Klemens von Metternich focused on his many love affairs and contained passages such as: "He was a virile, experienced and satisfying lover Even the most sophisticated women felt as if in his arms they learnt something they had never known before.

Every woman rose with him to heights of emotional ecstasy beyond the power of expression. The war marked the beginning of a lifelong interest in civic welfare and politics for Cartland, who served the War Office in various charitable capacities as well as the St John Ambulance Brigade. In , Cartland was elected a councillor on Hertfordshire County Council [7] as a Conservative and served for nine years. During this time she campaigned successfully for nursing home reform, improvement in the salaries of midwives, and the legalization of education for the children of Gypsies.

She had been suffering from ill health and dementia for six months beforehand, and was subsequently bedridden and sequestered. Both of her sons, Ian and Glen McCorquodale, were present at her bedside when she died.

These are being published in ebook format by her son Ian McCorquodale; each month, a new novel is published from the collection. The film was written by Jacquetta May. Her last project was to be filmed and interviewed for her life story directed by Steven Glen for Blue Melon Films.


Barbara Cartland

Merg A very good VHS video cassette. She persuaded the H to become more optimistic about his future, even though he was a jealous and possessive idiot because cousin Gervase had lied and spread nasty rumours about her. Either way it meant dishonor — and the end of her dreams. With her freedom lost on the turn of a card, Serena is bound by a debt of honour to marry. At various parts of the story he says romantic things in babrara strange way, to her. Yes her own words! Barbara Cartland McCorquodale passed away on 21 Maywith still unpublished manuscripts, that are being published posthumously.


A Duel Of Hearts, Barbara Cartland

Published 02 February After her mother died when Serena Staverley was just nine, her father, Sir Giles, indulged his deep passion for gambling, leaving his only child in charge of an impoverished household. Now a stunningly beautiful young woman, Serena is mortified to hear that her father has been killed in a duel. Worse still, it seems that he went willingly, even deliberately to his death. But why?



Start your review of A Hazard of Hearts Write a review Shelves: virginal-heroine , sexy-hot-hero , beautiful-heroine , fucked-up-relatives , hero-celibate-during-separation , heroine-celibate-during-separation , hero-was-a-stubborn-asshole , badass-hero , pathetic-ow , no-sex This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Serena finds herself at the mercy of Justin after her father gambles with the H and loses; the end result is that the heroine loses not only her home, Staverley, but also her freedom because her father had gambled away her hand in marriage. After he lost the wager, her father then went and got killed in a duel. The issue of the marriage is put on hold for a while until they get to know each other better. But, there are bigger problems lying in wait at Mandrake. You must be careful.

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