Item is on hand and ready to ship. When engaged, the Mono LED lights. Standalone manial installers for these interfaces are available for download and include the device control panel. Page 32 Hold duration for all soft buttons on the front software running smoothly by processing audio in of the Mbox Pro. Updated the Mbox Pro firmware to version 1.

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The Avid MBox 3 is very versatile and well made. It is easy to install and get running. Since it is a smaller interface you cannot rack it, it is a simple but good desktop recording interface. It has phantom power on it a total of 4 inputs and 2 outputs.

The price of the Avid MBox 3 is around dollars which is a good price considering the fact that it does come with a copy of Pro Tools Express.

All of the main and basic functions of the Avid MBox 3 work great and have never gave me any problems. It will be great for your first interface, but if you need something with better preamps you will need to invest more money. Certe product quite expensive and with the experience I will make the choice mm. RAPORT the money, the reputation of the brand, the hardware solution software package very competitive, the number of entries in the category and the build quality much higher than the previous version For what purpose?

I use it on asus EEE pc where the value of using a USB interface, I use it in protools for my music production using hardware instruments mpc, north rack This may be one of the only negative thing: problems of recognition hardware software intenpestif which starts as they came and which occur most often after update I think the problem come from my pc more than the sound card They are often updated?

Yes, quite often even though I did not have too many points of comparison on the subject. What software do you use most often? I use almost no audio in ableton so the possibilities are virtually endless, however the maximum in pro tools with my pc configuration is about 30 tracks but the limits are mostly in my pc. Installation is no problem but it is rather long so you must be patient Have you experienced any incompatibilities?

The general configuration is easy? The manual is clear and sufficient? I have no problem everything is very detailed and clear in the procedure manual provides explanations mm to start on pro tools What is so special that you like most and least? Have you tried many other models before buying it? With experience, you do again this choice? I use it for almost 3 months.


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