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Horizontal, sloping, or vertical member normally grasped by hand for support. This member may be part of a railing system and is often, but need not be, a top member top rail of a railing system. When part of a stair railing system, it is a member parallel to the pitch of a stair flight. Copying and networking prohibited. Platform between runs of stairs.

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Sign Up Below! ANSI A What kinds of situations might that be? Well, the standard specifically mentions theaters as a location where both stage hands and performers may access certain areas that are high above the stage.

The 40 page standard reviews the various kinds of areas that can present a fall danger in work situations. Formatted like many other ASSE standards, the text of the document is in a left-hand column. Additional information and comments are located in a right-hand one. The standard also covers the important ways that such areas need to be designed and maintained. So there is information on now to properly protect floor and roof openings and holes, for example.

The document also gives you requirements for inspections and maintenance. The Edition is a technical revision of the previous Edition. The committee also notes that there are 2 new definitions and 4 new illustrations to help clarify text in the standard.

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Updates on the A1264.1 on Walking/Working Surfaces

Brad Kelechava 2 Comments As we have previously discussed , falls can be tragic, as they account for 15 percent of all accidental deaths in industry and cause other secondary accidents. So, while the average person may not anticipate a simple fall to be the instigator of their own doom, it is essential that the necessary steps be taken to prevent falls from occurring. However, it would be presumptuous to assume that any single person can be alert and prepared for every potential fall hazard. The solution for this problem is to have those in charge of walkable surfaces manage them so as to limit any types of falls. For industrial and workplace situations, this involves identifying and handling obstructions and other hazards. It is important to note that the scope of this document applies to more than industrial settings, and it is intended for different workplace settings used and occupied mainly by workers. The revision has several technical improvements over the previous version of the standard, as well as two new definitions and four new illustrations to help clarify text.


ANSI A1264.1


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