Russell Barnaby , aimed to find a way to accelerate reproduction of the local cattle population for rapidly-increasing American consumer demand. It was a previously unidentified and undiscovered species of insect. Though the species was much larger and more aggressive than its similarly-resembled wasp and bee counterparts, the laboratory staff referred to them as such when speaking casually. The wasps also possessed their own version of queens , mature insect matriarchs who conduct the hosting process. Barnaby and his research team were going to harness the species and use its abnormal but useful properties to accelerate the production of meat. They experimented on rats and cattle to see what the new species would do to its host.

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The Loop TV Do you like this video? The research team led by Dr. Russell Barnaby conducted numerous experiments on the wasps and discovered that they were parasitic in nature, requiring host bodies to survive. Unfortunately, a wasp escaped the facility and infested a human host, killing it and turning it into a rabid, cannibalistic monster.

This led to the parasites spreading throughout Santa Cabeza and turning most of its citizens into the undead. To stop the zombie epidemic from spreading, the US government ordered the complete sterilisation of Santa Cabeza. They have witheld the development of a cure for the parasites since they can make more money through constant supply and demand. Unknown to the public, Phenotrans have maintained their production of the Zombrex drug by engineering zombie outbreaks in other cities in order to produce more wasp queens to experiment on.

Life cycle A fertilized female incubates its eggs within the womb. When the parasite discovers a potential host generally the South American butterfly known as Thysania Agrippina , it injects an egg into the hosts body. Once the parasite has grown to the appropriate stage, it devours the host from within, emerging from its cocoon as a full-fledged adult.

Queens ACG queens are responsible for the spread of the zombie virus. If a host zombie is killed, the queen will detach and seek another host. During both the outbreaks in Willamette and Fortune City, Frank West and Chuck Greene were able to capture queens in glass jars and use them for destroying large numbers of zombies. When a queen dies, a violent reaction occurs within nearby zombies that causes the parasite grubs to erupt from their heads. The grubs are normally completely helpless after erupting from their host bodies, but at night they are astonishingly more active.

At night, the grubs will glow in the dark and will actually pounce upon nearby potential hosts.


Emerald cockroach wasp

Distribution[ edit ] The wasp is mostly found in the tropical regions of Africa , South Asia , Southeast Asia , and the Pacific islands. Williams in as a method of biocontrol. This has been unsuccessful because of the territorial tendencies of the wasp, and the small scale on which they hunt. Researchers [7] using radioactive labeling demonstrated that the wasp stings precisely into specific ganglia of the roach.


A vespa assassina que transforma baratas em zumbis



Ampulex compressa


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