Acura TL Owners Manual. It was first introduced in , replacing the sale of the Acura Vigor. For the domestic market of Japan, the car was manufactured from to under the name Honda Inspire, and also under the name Honda Saber from to Four generations of the Acura TL with gasoline engines have been released to date: I-generation — 2. The fourth generation car in Japan is not for sale. Many motorists — owners of the presented car, as well as interested auto service technicians and technical equipment station workers need a competent source of information that will never let the user down and stores under one cover everything that is necessary to know and be able to know who spends a lot of time behind the wheel favorite car.

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Ramblings about working on cars and learning as we go. NOTE: I had the wrong address for car-part. My apologies. This has been corrected. Also, if you need an immediate answer please visit the Acurazine forum listed below! Many 2nd gen TL owners had several replaced under warranty. The main issues were abnormal clutch wear leading to slipping clutches usually 3rd gear and dirty transmission fluid, which will eventually clog the internal filter, solenoid screens, and other areas of the transmission and lead to loss of pressure.

The transmission will start slipping while shifting, take a long time to shift into gear, and eventually refuse to engage any gear. What do I do? If your transmission has gone out and you need a replacement, there are several options from most expensive to least expensive: Go to the dealer and have them put in a new transmission. They will horrendously overcharge you, and will put in a reman unit that will most likely fail again.

Find a reputable transmission shop to put in a new transmission. If they rebuild your transmission, it will most likely fail again. If they use a reman unit you will have varying degrees of success but it will most likely fail again. Find a reputable transmission shop that will perform the AV6 swap see below. Many shops will refuse since they might not be willing to go through the swap instructions. If they will do it, generally the Acurazine swap DIY below is sufficient.

DIY - If you have the tools and expertise, this is the cheapest route. You should follow the factory shop manual instructions, but I will show below in general what is involved, so you know what to expect and decide whether you can handle the job or not. What is the AV6 swap? The AV6 swap involves swapping in a transmission from an Accord V6.

This transmission has the exact same gear ratios as the TL Type-S and is virtually a direct bolt on replacement, with some parts that need to be swapped. In general, Honda 3-shaft 5 speed transmissions are interchangeable. Since Honda made some changes that greatly improved the reliability after , what most people are doing is replacing their 2nd gen TL transmission with a unit sourced from a or Honda Accord V6 non-hybrid.

Check car-part. What do I need? A replacement transmission car-part. I got one through LKQ, and would definitely recommend them. A new torque converter is recommended. If the replacement transmission has higher miles this will reduce your chances of having any issues in the future. Putting in a new torque converter now will be incredibly easier than later.

Personally, I did not do this but my salvage tranny had under 50K miles on it. Note: There have been some people with AV6 models reporting that the torque converter will not bolt up to the TL flex plate. You will be using your existing fluid warmer on top of the transmission!

The new one on the AV6 has hose connectors facing the wrong way. If you follow the shop manual instructions exactly, you will leave the fluid warmer in place in the engine bay and reattach to the AV6 on installation. If none of the download links work, please post to the thread. I would recommend printing out this page range, and checking off steps as you complete them. This way you should not miss anything.


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