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Программа была простая и увеличивала значение содержащееся в регистре PORTB, попутно выводя его наружу в двоичном коде, то есть "дергала ножками" микроконтроллера. Происходило это хаотически и было больше похоже именно на дерганье. В этой статье мы продолжим усовершеноствовать нашу программу попутно разбирая такие понятия как таймеры и прерывания. Если вдруг случилось так что у вас не оказалось под рукой такого же микроконтроллера как у меня, вы спокойно можете взять любой из семейства PIC16 однако брать нужно только те у которых в названии есть буква F, это значит что память под программу прошивку у него перезаписываемая и его можно перепрограммировать много раз. Буква C в названии говорит что этот контроллер программируется только один раз и больше мы с ним ничего сделать не сможем.

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Shadal It is your responsibility to ensure that your application meets with your specifications. They are cleared in hardware at completion of the read or write operation. Shop Connector and Crimp Tooling. The user should refer to the corresponding peripheral section for the correct TRIS bit settings. Valid email is required. These registers are implemented as static RAM. Shop Semiconductor Development Kits. PORTB can be software programmed for internal weak pull-ups on all inputs.

Insulators, Sockets and Kits. Writes by the device may be selectively inhibited to regions of the memory depending on the setting of bits WR1: The processor will halt internal operations for the typical 4 ms, only during the cycle in which the erase takes place i. Shop 3D Printer Accessories. Shop Video and RF. If the device contains less memory than the full address reach of the address register pair, the Most Significant bits of the 16fa are not implemented.

The user must follow the same specific sequence to initiate the write for each word in the program block, writing each program word in sequence 00,01,10, If step 10 is not implemented, check the WR bit to see if a write is in progress. At the same time, all block writes to program memory are done datasehet erase and write operations. Shop Audio, Video Connectors. View More Microchip Technology Dataheet. Clear flag bit RBIF.

Flash program memory must be written in four-word blocks. Shop Cell Phone Accessories. All other trademarks mentioned herein are property of their respective companies. EEADR register pair; the four words of data are loaded using indirect addressing. BOR is unknown on Power-on Reset. The Flash program memory allows single-word reads and four-word block writes. It must be set by the user and dztasheet on subsequent Resets to see if BOR is clear, indicating a brown-out has occurred.

This interrupt-on-mismatch feature, together with software configurable pull-ups on these four pins, allow easy interface to a keypad and make it possible for wake-up on key depression. Higher order bits are from the Status register.

In-circuit debugger and ICSP programming data. Shop Filter Loss Dafasheet. Shop Power Factor Controller. For your security and a speedy alliedelec. This buffer is a Schmitt Trigger input when used in Serial Programming mode or in-circuit debugger. Internal software programmable weak pull-up. If step 1 is datasheet implemented, then firmware should check for EEIF to be set, or WR to clear, to indicate the end of the program cycle.

The write initiate sequence and the WREN bit together help prevent an accidental write during brown-out, power glitch or software malfunction. The PIE1 register contains the individual enable bits for the peripheral interrupts.

Shop Power Supply Accessories. Travel and Brief Cases. After the write cycle, the processor will resume operation with the third instruction after the EECON1 write instruction. These bits are set or cleared according to the device logic. TOP Related Posts.


PIC16F877A Microcontroller Introduction and Features

This microcontroller is very convenient to use, the coding or programming of this controller is also easier. One of the main advantages is that it can be write-erase as many times as possible because it uses FLASH memory technology. It has a total number of 40 pins and there are 33 pins for input and output. PIC16FA is used in many pic microcontroller projects.








PIC 28 Pin 20MHz 8K 8A/D - 16F876A


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