A lot of people are interested in direct sales and other types of network marketing. One opportunity that is out there, and one that is very well-known all over the world, MonaVie. Since there are literally thousands of opportunities out there, it is important to understand which company is the best one for your specific needs. If you are interested in multi-level marketing, you should firstly look into your sponsor — this is the person who will be above you in the company.

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As I see the industry grow, and as I see the industry come out with a lot of different type of companies, so has new direct sales compensation plans unfolded. There are three main levels in the MonaVie Compensation Plan Now the MonaVie compensation plan operates under a binary plan. A binary compensation plan means that you need a left leg and a right leg in order to even enter into the compensation plan. You need to sponsor someone or enroll somebody or recruit somebody on your left leg and you need to do the same on your right leg.

You just have to now build the other leg. This is tool that people within the MonaVie compensation plan use. A lot of times, these people are starting to enroll.

This is how it works in the MonaVie compensation plan. Most people in a binary plan have to build both legs, both sides of their business. There are a few that are positioned in a strong power leg. This goes on all the time within the MonaVie compensation plan. Unfortunately, like I said, the majority of people are on the inside leg of power legs. Unfortunately, the binary plan compensation plans do not give folks the sense of equal playing fields and a lot of people feel very slighted as they start to build and understand the MonaVie compensation plan.

I believe that everybody that joins in a business should have the same opportunity as those that have joined before them or after them, the same. Unfortunately, you get paid 10 percent of the lesser producing leg, as a general statement, 10 percent. So you want to be very, very careful with the binary plans. So hopefully that helped a little bit also with the MonaVie compensation plan… They have different buy-ins.

You could buy multiple cases of juice. If You Want To Learn More: Register for our upcoming webinar that exposes the MLM industry lies of residual income, and the solution to earning true long term residual income. Subscribe to receive our new blog posts We hope you found good value in this article about the MonaVie compensation plan.


Monavie’s Compensation Plan: How It Works…

The newly formed company took over the bottling, distribution, and marketing of MonaVie juice products. Individual distributors were encouraged to build their own sales networks by recruiting new distributors to sell the products referred to in multi-level marketing parlance as a "downline" ; the recruiter could have, in theory, received additional commissions based on sales by their downlines. Weil and Bowden also criticized the product for being sold through multi-level marketing. Niles that implied the product could cure cancer. In a Newsweek article, CEO Dallin Larsen stated that "his sales team can get him in hot water with the Feds", and that it was "next to impossible" for the company to investigate distributors suspected of making false claims. Woodward subsequently became a distributor and speaker for MonaVie, mixing his TEAM organization structure and distributor sales tools e.


Monavie Compensation Plan

Monavie deals in health juices, energy blends and weight solutions. There is a range of products that Monavie I offering to its customers. Beside this Monavie is also offering a business opportunity to the customers, which works under multi level marketing Monavie Compensation Plan. Monavie rewards its customers in nine different ways under this compensation plan and there are several levels with specific qualifications for each level. Below is the brief detail of the different levels or ranks that are attained on the basis of performance and meeting the specific qualification for each level.



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